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Body Burnt Beyond Recognition in Car Accident

A suspected Uganda rebel leader has been arrested in the East African region.

Hassan Ssali, information pills commonly known as ‘Lieutenant Colonel’ Lukolokomba, thumb was picked recently by security near the Mutukula border on a suspected subversive mission.

Ssali, who has been living in South Africa, was being trailed by Ugandan security for threatening the life of a senior UPDF officer.

At one time, Ssali is said to have held meetings in South Africa to devise plans of assassinating a senior Ugandan army chief who was undertaking specialised military training in the country.

Sources say Ssali’s mission was leaked to the South African embassy which cautioned the officer against meeting friends in the suburbs of Brooklyn, Centurion and Inkwazi.

In his mid 40s, Ssali served briefly in the Ugandan army before relocating to South Africa under mysterious circumstances.

“It is very likely that Ssali will face charges related to treason and subversion,” said a high ranking source.

Most publicists of military units said they would comment upon getting thorough briefs.


A source told ChimpReports that Ssali’s case is being treated as “top secret” to exhaustively identify his associates especially in South Africa and Uganda.

Little is known about Ssali’s private life since he never had a family in South Africa and spent the better part of his time in radical politics.

Sources say Ssali was born in Ankole much as he claims hailing from Kyazanga.

ADF rebel leader, Jamil Mukulu was this year arrested alongside his top commanders in Tanzania.
Dr Kizza Besigye must do more to maintain his position as Uganda’s top opposition leader after a poll indicated that majority of internet users in the country believe Hon Amama Mbabazi is a better candidate to confront President in the 2016 elections.

The ChimpReports poll carried out in the last 10 days attracted 1, visit this 374 respondents – of which 59.2 percent said Mbabazi stands a higher chance of defeating the incumbent.

40.8 percent of respondents said Dr Besigye is the right man for the job, nurse having gained considerable popularity across the country in the three previous presidential elections.

According to the statistics, adiposity 62 percent of the respondents were males while 38 percent were females.

61.7 percent of females voted for Mbabazi while 38.3 percent backed Dr Besigye. Majority of female respondents said opposition needs new breath to galvanise opposition’s efforts to take power.

Of the male respondents 53 percent said Mbabazi stood a better chance of defeating President Museveni while 47 percent argued that such a difficult job can be effectively executed by the FDC strongman, Dr Besigye.

The target audience was ChimpReports readers and followers on the website’s social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter.

The poll sought to gauge public opinion on the candidatures of Mbabazi and Besigye as they prepare to take on Museveni in the 2016 elections after the collapse of The Democratic Alliance’s strategy of fielding a single candidate.

We asked respondents: “Hon Amama Mbabazi and Dr Kizza Besigye are expected to run against President Museveni in the 2016 elections. Whom do you think stands a higher chance of defeating the incumbent?”

Readers would vote only once and attempts at multiple voting were easily detected, eliminating electoral malpractices.


Bright Anthony, a sympathiser of Mbabazi, says the result “continues to demonstrate that people are looking out for a more credible chance to win the vote against Museveni.”

He further posits that there is confidence that people have built in Mbabazi and highly believe that he has what Besigye has failed to present for him to win a vote against Museveni.

“Besigye and his supporters should accept that what we need at this time is a person who is capable of winning and defending the win, a person who offers high chances of galvanising forces both within the Movement and opposition and this Besigye lacks,” observes Bright.

“Hopefully this result will show Besigye and his team that as Ugandans we have accepted to put our differences away and look for someone to lead the transition and that person is Mbabazi.”

On our Facebook platform, Peter Okubal says he will stick with Besigye for his contribution to the fight against Museveni’s rule.

“If Amama could not even risk another consultation meeting after arrest and scuffles in Jinja and Soroti scuffles, it simply means he wants to ride on our hardened backs. Unfortunately sorry,” he says.

Kawesa Karim, Chief Executive Officer at Bakaima Investments Ltd believes it is too early for Mbabazi to lead the opposition front against Museveni.

“You cannot change from Christianity to Islam and claim to be the Sheikh immediately after conversion. You need to learn many things and prove you are a convert. Anyone who attacks we want a fundamental change… Not just change of guards.”

Mbabazi and Besigye served in the NRA guerrilla war that catapulted President Museveni into power in 1986.

They duo served closely with Museveni as his top confidants before parting ways with them at different stages.

While Besigye quit as early as 1999, Mbabazi would later serve in top positions of Defence Minister, Security Minister and Prime Minister before being sacked.

Mbabazi was accused of forming cliques and conspiring to topple President Museveni through subversive activities.

Under the TDA arrangement, Besigye refused to step down for Mbabazi, saying the former NRM Secretary General’s commitment to the struggle for good governance and accountability remained questionable.

It was resolved that both stand against Museveni. Mbabazi’s rallies pulled big crowds in Eastern Uganda, with many saying he was the much-needed force to remove President Museveni.

Hon Amama Mbabazi with Col Kizza Besigye at the TDA offices in Naguru recently
Hon Amama Mbabazi with Col Kizza Besigye at the TDA offices in Naguru recently


Henry Ndawula, an employee with a government parastatal, said “either way the incumbent wins unless there is change in the rules of the game.”

Henry Ssozi, a resident of Kampala, submits that since all political parties (DP, UPC, PPP, UFA) seconding Mbabazi have never made even 15 percent all together, “I see no reason to compare Mbabazi to Dr Kizza Besigye. It is clear Mbabazi “is dividing NRM votes in favour of Dr Besigye.”

Kampala businessman Primus Agaba told ChimpReports in an interview that Mbabazi has an edge over Besigye simply because “most voters think Mbabazi understands the NRM system better than everyone else who is in the opposition.”

He adds: “I was in Kibuku, Budaka and Mbale over the weekend where the average peasant believes that despite having difference with Mbabazi, Museveni looks at him differently from Besigye.”

Musa Mandela Yusuf does not agree with Mbabazi’s supporters.

He says Besigye has demonstrated his democratic credentials in FDC primaries by participating in clean internal electoral processes which makes him a good presidential candidate for Uganda.

Francisky Franklin Franco says Besigye is a better candidate than Mbabazi.

“KB (Kizza Besigye) is the guy. Amama has nothing good for us, he even believes the current government is doing well even though they’ve made us the 20th poorest country in the world,” says Franklin.

“The only change we can expect with Mbabazi is change of president. The corruption and the current system of government will get worse. If we had only Museveni and Mbabazi to vote for, I would vote for Museveni.”

Bruno Musinguzi agrees with Franklin, saying, “Besigye, the good shepherd, does not abandon his flock. He has demonstrated that he is to the service of the people. Not those insensitive MPs who voted for no reforms in exchange for cash.”

Andrew Odongo uses a Luo saying that, “never pick an abandoned nice looking log lying by the way side thinking it would fit your building plan” to emphasise his opposition to Mbabazi’s candidature.

“The fact is there is always a good reason why the previous owner had to throw it away. I think Ugandans haven’t realized how cunning Mbabazi is. Comparatively, Mbabazi may turn out more dangerous than Museveni himself,” says Odongo.

“Just ask yourself why the guy was comfortable under the regime for all these years. Also try to remember all the draconian laws passed under him and many other allegations against him. I understand Ugandans are so desperate they can cling on straws. Listening to Mbabazi, one comes with the impression that he fighting to continue with the NRM way and so fellow Ugandans, the best and only choice for now is Dr. Besigye is the only leader who seems to share the plight of ordinary countrymen.”

On his part, Silver Ndaca posits: “What matters is having someone that can ably dislodge Museveni then Besigye can be rewarded later for his patriotism. Let’s give chance to this man Amama. May be he can deliver the peaceful transition the country has missed for long time.”

As the country prepares for the 2016 elections, observers believe the participation of Mbabazi and Besigye will split the opposition vote, hence giving Museveni an upper hand in the exercise.

Others say they will deny Museveni the 51 percent needed to secure victory.

In case of a re-run, the second best performing candidate would face off with President Museveni.

[socialpoll id=”2297333″] Nakawa Division Police are investigating a suspicious incident in which a vehicle got burnt at Chwa Two road , approved Mbuya in Nakawa Division.

On Tuesday, malady an Isuzu car registration number UAL 544N went up in flames and one of the occupants who has not yet been identified, visit got burnt beyond recognition.

According to Polly Namaye, the Police Deputy SpokesPerson, the vehicle has been identified as belonging to Hon. Mate Joseph.

“Inquiries to establish the deceased are underway,” she said.

She further revealed that Police has opened up a file of suspected arson leading to the destruction of the vehicle and death of one person.

“ Police would like to call upon those with useful information to contact us,” she said.

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