Bobi Wine’s International Lawyer Amsterdam Blasts Uganda Police

Robert Amsterdam, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s international lawyer has come out to rebuke the Uganda police for tormenting the singer cum politician.

The Canadian lawyer felt enough was enough as Bobi Wine is being treated with the utmost unreasonable bias and injustice when it comes to carrying out his music career.

“A sequel to Arua? Ugandan police are again acting as criminals, beating and arresting the supporters of Bobi Wine in Jinja. The moral bankruptcy of this regime is brazen and dangerous, “Amsterdam posted on his twitter page.

Bobi Wine’s supporters were arrested on Saturday as he was set to perform at Queen’s Palace in Jinja for the street jam 5th Anniversary alongside other artists like Sheebah.

“So police raided City Hotel in Jinja town where we were resting ahead of the show on Saturday 15. They arrested many of our team members. They surrounded the entire neighborhood looking for me everywhere!” the Kyarenga star posted on his social media.

Bobi Wine added, “What offence? For showing up to perform at a show which they themselves cleared! We arrived in Jinja in broad daylight to a massive and peaceful reception by our friends in Jinja. I wonder why police waited for darkness to fall before starting to carry out these evil plans! We shall overcome!”

The police have played a great role in frustrating Bobi Wine’s music career right from the time he announced his ‘Kyarenga’ concert in October.

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