Bobi Wine Seizes ‘Nkuuka’ Stage to Prickle Museveni, ‘Silent Supporters’

Singer and politician Robert Kayagulanyi, on Monday put up a riveting end-of-year musical performance at the famous Enkuuka Y’omwaka festival at Lubiri in Mengo, sticking daringly  to the political message that has got him in trouble in the past with authorities.

The embattled Kaddondo East MP, perhaps with a compressed rage from his foiled Christmas shows, used the stage with thousands in attendance, to directly attack President Yoweri Museveni, calling  for his removal from office.

He also accused most of Ugandans and his supporters of staying silent and doing nothing as the government continues to silence him and suppress is musical career.

Bobi Wine ranted on through the 30 minute performance, taking occasional breaks  to engage his ecstatic audience in political discourse.

The King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and his wife the Nabagereka, Sylvia Nagginda could be seen intermittently exchanging whispers, while ministers and top officials from both the Buganda and Central Governments allowed on awkward smiles.

“This is one of the few chances I have now to communicate to you; now that I am not allowed to make shows,” Bobi Wine said.

The singer performed both is old and new songs such as Kyarenga, Uganda, Mazzi Mawanvu, Bikwase Kyagulanyi, in which he packaged his pointed political messages in free –style lyrics.

“Omusajja tumutya buti naye nga twakung’anye, tumutwala talinya,” went one of the lines, meaning, “we just fear the man, but if we unite, we can drag him out.”


The singer took time to slam Ugandans accusing them of political indifference.

“When you see people like me, your representatives being persecuted and you do nothing, you are sacrificing us,” he charged.

The MP had his music concert at his One Love Beach in Busabala cancelled by police last week.

Policemen armed with antiriot gears and heavy water cannons deployed at the venue at around midday, hours before the kickoff of the expected show before using  teargas and the pink liquid substance to disperse the crowd.

The singer was later to announce that he had been invited to perform in the Carrebean nation of Jamaica at the Rebel Salute Festival on the 18 and 19 January 2019.


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