Bobi Wine Riots: Gen Tumwiine Slams Buganda Kingdom for “Ignoring Genocidal Talk”

Minister of Security Gen Elly Tumwiine has expressed displeasure with the Buganda Kingdom institution for not speaking up against tribesmen that were fuelling what he termed as “genocidal talk” in the wake of last week’s riots, which followed the arrest of NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi.

Without naming names, Gen Tumwiine said Wednesday evening that some people who purported to be representatives of the people of Buganda came out and started pushing divisive messages and threatening other Ugandans from other tribes.

This kind of “genocide language” the minister said was even more dangerous than the incitement and physical participation in the violent riots of last week.

The leadership of Buganda according to the minister, should have come out immediately to disown and condemn these people.

“We heard this genocide language that accompanied the violence where the so called representatives… and I don’t know if they represent Baganda actually, but I have not heard the leadership of Baganda come out to either own or disown these people,” Tumwiine said while appearing on UBC TV last night.

“These people were threatening other tribes. I am waiting to hear anybody saying these people are not speaking on our behalf. It is not in the interest of any tribe for anybody to speak in a genocidal language and nobody comes out to disown them and label them as individuals and criminals”

Following Bobi Wine’s arrest on Wednesday last week for flouting presidential campaign guidelines a debate on tribalism and sectarianism was rekindled mostly on social media.

Later on after his release from jail on Friday, Bobi Wine addressed the public and vehemently condemned tribal based sentiments which he said were not acceptable in his party.


Meanwhile during the UBC talks show, Minister Tumwiine said he regretted the shooting of innocent people by security forces during the riots, and promised that perpetrators would be dealt with.

“All loss of life is regretted; there should be condemnation and tough action on those who do it outside the law,” he said.

“For us to have been able to create this new force, it was because we put tough rules in the NRA code of conduct which dealt with any errant soldiers. We shot them so  we could prevent them from spoiling the good work of the innocent,” he said.

The minister also dismissed accusations that government had not shown compassion to the innocent victims of the riots, noting that the day after, officials from the ministries of health and KCCA went to various hospitals and spoke to the affected families.

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