Bobi Wine Responds to Bebe Cool’s Remarks on ‘Joining Politics for Money’

Kyadondo East MP elect Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine has responded to remarks made by singer Bebe cool.

In an interview with NTV Kenya recently, Bebe Cool was asked whether he would take the same route [politics] as his singing nemesis Bobi Wine.

Bebe Cool said “My father was a politician, and I hate politics.”

“I like being rich and I don’t think politicians could be rich,” he said.

During an interview with NTV’s Sheila Nduhukire, Bobi Wine made counterclaims sayiing “That’s why not everyone supports me.”

“With all due respect Bebe cool is my old comrade, we grew up together in the music industry but we choose priority, I don’t know what I am going to be tomorrow but I am proud of what I am today,” He said.

The “Bikwase Kyagulanyi” singer also added that although he respected the “Mbozi Zamalwa” singer, he wasn’t sure what he thought about him.

“I don’t know what he [Bebe Cool] thinks about me but what I am today is more useful to my family and country than what I was yesterday.” He added.


The singer further clarified that he never joined politics for money.

“I am not into leadership for the money or politics,” he said.

“I made sure I make enough money before I joined leadership and if his idea is going into politics for the money, then I beg to differ.”

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