Bobi Wine Remanded To Luzira as Lawyers Cry Police Foul-play

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has been remanded to Luzira Prison, after he failed to meet bail conditions.

The MP was this afternoon charged  with Disobedience of Statutory Duty.

The Prosecution alleged that on July 11th last year Bobi Wine conducted an illegal public meeting without notifying police, which is against the Public Order Management Act.

In the said meeting, Bobi Wine along with his colleagues were protesting a government proposed tax on social media use.

The MP however, was unable to present sureties to court and was  therefore  remanded to Luzira Prison until Thursday this week.

Bobi Wine’s lawyers however, claim Police was involved in a plot to fail a their attempt at bail, by blocking the MP’s sureties from accessing court.

Counsel Asuman Basalirwa says his team was ready to secure bail for the MP if it wasn’t for Police playing tricks.

“We had people ready to stand him bail, about five of them, all at the level of MP ,” he said.


The lawyer, says these sureties first rushed to Kibuli, (CIID offices where Bobi Wine was heading when he was arrested in the morning and taken instead to Nagalama Police Station, before being arraigned at the Buganda Road Court.)

“Some of the them tried to rush here (court), but those that came before the court was barricaded didn’t have IDs and and Local Council letters.

Basalirwa adds that as Bobi Wine was being moved by police from Nagalama to court, they never mentioned that he was being taken to court.

“From Nagalama they told him that he was going to CPS to make another statement. That means that even the time we needed to get other sureties was not sufficient.”

Samuel Muyizi Mulindwa, another lawyer accused Police at the Kampala Central Police Station of physically blocking Bobi Wine’s potential sureties and assaulting some of them.

He identified some of the Police officers by their uniform tags as Opuna, Isebabi and one Biusheshe, who he said, assaulted MPs Paul Mwiru and Francis Zaake

Counsel Basalirwa claims the police planned the move to block the MP from accessing bail, but said he remains strong.

“They had all this planned because he escaped  from them last time and went to Bigiri. They were angry at him and thought they should dump him to Luzira today.

“But Thursday us not far and he’s not going to die  in Luzira,” he added.




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