Bobi Wine Receives International Humanitarian Award

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament and Presidential hopeful, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) yesterday became a recipient of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition International Humanitarian Award for the year 2019.

The coalition is one of the leading civil rights champions, known better for its advocacy for black self-help and different issues of social justice and civil rights.

Bobi Wine was handed the award by civil rights icon Rev Jesse L. Jackson Sr, the founder of the coalition.

This was during the closing of the 48th Annual Rainbow PUSH International Convention in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday.

The convention was attended by among others, two United States Presidential candidates Joe Biden, (former Vice President under Barrack Obama) and Sen Elizabeth Warren.

Speaking at the event, Bobi Wine said he was “proud to be in the same room, breathing the same air” with the great Rev Jesse Jackson.

Jesse Jackson was a partner of revered civil rights activist Martin Luther King and is one of the only two surviving witnesses to King’s murder 50 years ago.

“As a person struggling to free our country, when I received an invitation to come here I was humbled and speechless…by this opportunity to shine a light on the plight of our people in Uganda,” he said.


Bobi Wine went on to report to the mostly African American audience in the room about the state of human rights in Uganda.

“Where I come from in Uganda, a country richly gifted by nature and amazing people like me… unfortunately, our people have endured gross human rights violations right from when we became an independent nation,” he said.

“Political opposition has been criminalized, leaders are beaten, tortured while others have disappeared never to be seen again.”

Bobi Wine, who travelled to the US with Mityana MP Francis Zaake, said the award would empower him to fight harder.

“This award is a sign of hope that the world has heard the cry of the people of Uganda and decided to stand with us.”

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