Bobi Wine Petitions Parliament Over Recurrent Rights Violations

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament yesterday petitioned parliament seeking action against police who have continued to violate his rights.

Kyagulanyi says on top of assaulting him, security agencies have blocked him from staging musical shows and political rallies.

“I rise to give a statement regarding persistent injustices occasioned against me and the people I work with both as a political leader and as an artiste by the Uganda Police Force and other security agencies. These violations have unduly affected my ability to carry out my duties both as a Member of Parliament and citizen of the country”, Bobi Wine said.

The MP says Police’s top brass has decided to ignore a directive of parliament to this effect.

In November last year, Parliament directed security agencies to stop violating Kyagulanyi’s rights.

Bobi also says a while back he petitioned the Uganda Human Rights Commission but to date nothing has been done.

He therefore urged fellow parliamentarians to promote constitutionalism or one day they could fall victim to the same circumstances.

“I implore all of you colleague members not to look the other way when rights are violated. Experience has shown us that when you sit and watch these violations go unchallenged each one of us will one day be a victim.”


“As far as I know the constitution is the supreme law of this country. And I think time has come for this parliament to decide whether to follow the constitution and laws of this country or to follow orders from above. Mr. Speaker, I know the issue of police brutality has been raised many times in this house but the situation is only getting worse. As a matter of fact, I have personally been a victim of this brutality.”

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