Bobi Wine Overtakes Bebe Cool in Social Media Following

They have been sworn enemies for years now. It’s the numbers and popularity that have separated them over the years.

Singers Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool don’t see eye-to-eye for reasons believed to be about ego, fame and money.

For quite a time now, Bebe Cool one of the most followed Ugandan celebrities on Facebook with thousands of followers.

In December last year, Bebe Cool commanded a Facebook following of over 483,237 people while his nemesis Bobi Wine stood at 373,676.

A difference of over 109,561 followers became a point of ridicule across the two musical camps.

Fast forward July 2017, Bobi Wine has overtaken his archrival a few weeks after successfully being elected Kyadondo East MP.

By publication time, Bobi Wine commanded a following of over 529,348 people on Facebook.

Bebe Cool now stands at 512,414 behind his nemesis by 16,934 followers.


Bobi Wine’s popularity is believed to have been catalyzed by his recent Landslide Political victory.


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