Bobi Wine Meets Katikiro, Denied Opportunity to Speak

In April this year, singer Bobi Wine nearly locked horns with Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga over land in Busabala.

The two were so loggerheads that they accused each other of deceit and manipulation of the masses.

Over the weekend however, the two finally met; in two totally different capacities.

During Gayaza Junior School 106th anniversary celebrations, the two shared a roof despite earlier friction.

“I attended the function, received the Katikiro and together, we inspected different exhibition stalls for students’ products and activities,” Bobi Wine said.

“We also had a cordial chat,” he added.

At the event however, the newly-elected Kyadondo East MP was reportedly denied opportunity to speak to his masses for reasons yet to be established.

“I was denied opportunity to speak at an important function in the heart of Kyadondo East,” he shared on his social media.


“I was at the function from 10am to 3pm (5hrs) and as protocol was being ‘observed’, many of the guests who were invited but didn’t show up had their representatives speak on their behalf,” Bobi explains.

The MP further narrates that “Just at the point when the area M.P. was to be invited to welcome the Guest of Honour, the C.A.O’s representative was instead invited to perform that role.”

The singer and legislator, who was also accused of snubbing the cake-cutting moment, says he had no option but to leave.

“I silently left and rushed to catch up with my other engagements.”




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