Bobi Wine Is OK; He Intended to Kill Me – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has issued another statement on the election violence in Arua on Monday, this time dismissing reports that Members of Parliament who were arrested suffered torture in detention.

The president in the Sunday statement described as “fake news” reports that MPs such as Robert Kyagulanyi — Bobi Wine — were beaten so badly that they were unable to talk, walk or stand.

Bobi Wine is detained at the Makindye Military Police Barracks.

All people, including officials from the Uganda Human Rights Commission who visited the facility confirmed that he was severely beaten and needed urgent medical attention.

His wife Barbie while speaking to reporters this morning, said the MP was still in pain even though some of the wounds on his body were starting to dry up.

Museveni however, basing on accounts of military doctors, says the reports are false.

“I decided to check with Army doctors because, being a disciplined Army, UPDF doctors always take precautions in such situations,” he said.

“Bobi Wine had already been seen by doctors in Arua, Gulu and Kampala. He has no head or chest injuries or bone fractures, they informed me,” he said.


The President in the statement, doubled down on this attack on Bobi Wine and his team, who he says were responsible for the violence in Arua.

“The biggest problem is political leaders like Kassiano Wadri and Bobi Wine forming, or allowing indisciplined groups to be formed under the cover of elections, groups that form illegal processions in built-up and heavily populated areas, carrying stones, up-rooting side walk pavers to use as missiles, to attack defenceless women, children and other civilians,” he said.

“So many women and children were similarly attacked in Jinja East, Bugiri Municipality and, now, Arua Municipality. The Police will produce detailed evidence in all those incidents. Women were raped in Jinja East and Arua Municipality. Verbal threats followed by actual attacks. This is what is called terrorism in my opinion.”

The wanted to kill

In his earlier statement on Wednesday, President Yoweri Museveni has said Bobi Wine and his colleagues would face among others Manslaughter charges.

The following day, the MPs were charged with Treason, on counts related to throwing stones at his vehicle.

Bobi Wine on the other hand was charged with illegal possession of fire arms in a Military Court in Gulu.

President Museveni however, in the statement today, said the people who attacked his car intended to kill.

“Throwing of stones, in close proximity in built up areas, is intention to kill,” he said.

“Remember, a policeman by the names of Ariong John Michael (Assistant Inspector of Police) was killed in Kampala near the Old Taxi Park by a stone thrown by those indisciplined people. How about the NRM supporters, ordinary people, who are made targets of those stones as happened in Arua, Bugiri etc?”

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