Bobi Wine: I am Working with Gen Muntu to Oust Museveni in 2021

Ugandan popstar turned opposition politician Bobi Wine has reaffirmed his intention to run for president in the country’s next elections slated for 2021.

“Yes, I and my team are considering challenging Museveni in the next presidential election,” he told Germany television,  Deutsche Welle (DW) in Berlin on Wednesday.

“Not that we are looking at the presidency in itself but because we know our biggest problem is misgovernance, it’s the governance question that we want to solve and we cannot solve that until we get into leadership ourselves, so, yes we are challenging the president in the next presidential election, that is less than two years away,” he added.

Bobi told DW he was working on a coalition with other opposition parties as well as opposition politician Mugisha Muntu. 

“General Mugisha Muntu is a very disciplined person and we are working very closely together,” said the Kyaddondo East lawmaker.

“We seem to be speaking from the same page and we seem to have the same values,” he added.

Bobi’s remarks come against the backdrop of of reports that he will back Muntu‘s presidential candidature. 

Under this arrangement, Bobi expects to serve in Muntu’s government either as Vice President or Prime Minister. 


These details are yet to be confirmed by Muntu or Bobi. 

However, the duo has been in talks for the last one year, with hopes of jointly raising campaign funds and working together in grassroots campaigns. 

Muntu is a former army commander and combatant in the National Resistance Army which ushered President Museveni into power in 1986.

While Muntu has been hailed as a moderate pacifist and unifier, the extreme opposition wing says he is laid back and unable to galvanize radical support to challenge Museveni’s hold onto power. 

Meanwhile, Bobi told DW that opposition parties needed to overcome their differences and unite if they want to try and defeat President Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for 33 years. 

“It’s the governance question that we want to solve and we cannot solve that until we get into leadership ourselves,” said Bobi.

Joint force 

He further stated that, “we are not making it very easy for ourselves to overcome the oppression. I’ve said some time ago that some members of the opposition are only concerned about their positions and they’ll fine any composition that threatens their positions.”

It remains unclear if Bobi has reached out to the main opposition leader, Dr Kizza Besigye to work jointly in their quest for power.

Bobi said they were also working with the Democratic Party and its president under the leadership of honorable Nobert Mau, “and we were also having a conversation with Dr Kizza Besigye. The majority of the forces of change are already agreeable to the idea of a coalition and working together, fronting one candidate for the presidency. Hopefully, we will soon or later be able to convince the FDC and Dr. Kizza Besigye to join us as well.”

ChimpReports understands Bobi and Besigye disagreed on campaign tactics. 

While Besigye believes elections can’t remove Museveni from power, Bobi maintains an organized opposition can effectively alter the statusquo. 

Supporters of both politicians have been embroiled in bitter exchanges on social media over the last few months. 

Bobi told DW he thought that freedom of expression was “the most important right, especially in the civilized world, to express oneself without hurting anybody.”

Bobi Wine is currently in Berlin for a conference on freedom of expression.

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