Bobi Wine Criticizes ‘Double Standards’ Employed in Enforcing Covid-19 Prevention Directives

Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi wine, President of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party has ridiculed various government and NRM officials for “breaking the rules they created themselves.”

Mentioning the Vice President Edward Ssekandi and the Minister of Health Dr. Ruth Aceng who emerged in videos with groups of people gathered in one place, Kyagulanyi noted that the directives imposed on the local people are only but a limitation to their usual freedom and rights.

He went ahead to ‘advise’ his supporters to shun following the rules since those who passed them can’t uphold their value and objective.

“These directives that are put in place by President Museveni but his friend Ssekandi breaks them, don’t follow them too,” he said.

Kyagulanyi made these remarks while unveiling the new party members at the People Power Headquarters in Kamwokya today Monday, August 3.

“I repeat; these directives that are put in place by Dr. Ruth Aceng and she breaks them herself, don’t follow!” he stated.

He was concerned about a section of officials from the National Resistance Movement ruling party whom he said are openly campaigning but the government is only focused on torturing him and his supporters.

“This is a double standard. We are seeing the likes of Mike Mukula, Minister Anite converging with a group of people to campaign but when a member of the opposition tries, the Police heavily deploys,” he lamented.


“Yesterday they deployed on different radio stations in Mubende just to stop me from being hosted but it is a matter of time, we shall bring it to an end because I want to assure you that the people whom we fear, fear us a lot too,” he stated.

Meanwhile, he also confirmed the banning of the double membership by aspiring candidates who are from other parties but want a NUP endorsement.

He said that whoever wants to contest on any political position in the country under the People Power /NUP ticket must first denounce their previous party and officially join.

“Since we started the registration of our members, we have received complaints where our comrades are confused on whether people who belong to other political formations shall contest under people power endorsement. According to the laws of Uganda, nobody is allowed to belong to two or more political factions so either you be with us or not,” he said.


NOTE: Covid-19 is still prevalent worldwide and social distancing, together with all other preventive directives from inline authorities should be followed.

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