Bobi Wine Condemns Chaka Chaka Deportation, Outlines 2020 Plan


Presidential hopeful, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has condemned Uganda’s decision to deport South African music star Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

Chaka Chaka was slated to perform at the annual Enkuuka new year celebrations in Mengo, but police cordoned off Pearl of Africa Hotel where she spent the night, and later escorted her to Entebbe Airport where she boarded a flight back home via Kigali.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga while explaining the deportation, said the singer had initially been granted an ordinary visa which was cancelled by immigration officials after it was realised that she had come as a performing artist in one of the ongoing new year’s festivals in Kampala.

Bobi Wine in his end of year message however, said the visa issues had nothing to do with the deportation, but Chaka Chaka’s public support of his People Power campaign.

“Chaka Chaka has performed many times in Uganda without any problem,” he said.

“But the last time she was here, being that she has been following our struggle, and she is a comrade and an artist, she gave me a hug and expressed support for our struggle for freedom.”

He added that the Ugandan authorities were also likely afraid that the singer would encourage Ugandans to fight for their freedom.


“We know that she and her songs is what the regime fear most. That’s why I as an artist can’t perform anymore in my country.”

“In Enkuuka, the organizers were pressured and restricted from hosting me and that is why for the first time I am not performing there.”

Bobi Wine says through the ending year, he has not been able to hold any music performance, and that over 157 of his shows were cancelled.


While 2019 has been according to him a “strenuous year,” Bobi Wine says it on the other hand brought many successes for the People Power Movement including the nationwide launch of coordinators.

“We also had international recognition; we’ve won a few awards, we’ve been able to connect with the entire world, our development partners have heard our cry.”

He added however, that the international community will not be the answer when it comes to taking victory in the 2021 elections.

“The International community can only do so much. They can only condemn what we are going through, but the rest has to be done by us.”

The new year 2020, Bobi Wine says, will be one of “fulfilment.”

“This will be the turning point; it will be a decisive year in our history.  While we focus on 2021 we must know that 2021 will be made in 2020. What we haven’t prepared in 2020 we shouldn’t expect in 2021.”

Since most of the preparation of the election will be in 2020, including consolations, nominations and campaigns, Bobi Wine says any possible success will be determined in the new year.


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