“Bobi Wine Can Never Take Museveni’s Position”- Bad Black

City Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black has apologized for her actions against President Museveni, having abused him some time back.

While appearing for an interview on a local TV station, Bad Black who says has changed her name to ‘Baby Snail’ disclosed that she did not intend to abuse the President but was only paid to tarnish his name and that she is a stanch NRM supporter.

“I am asking the President to pardon me for the video that surfaced where I was abusing him, I don’t know how to apologize but I hope being a parent that he is, he will grant my plea. I must bring it to your attention that all my actions were fueled by the money I was paid to tarnish your name but since the payment wasn’t fully made, I can now disclose to the world that I don’t support People Power (PP) but NRM.”

Bad Black revealed that she only supported Bobi Wine and his People Power Party because she was poor and thought by so doing, she would get rich. She also said that it’s only Museveni who can rule Uganda and nobody else.

“I supported PP because I was broke then, poverty dragged me into supporting Bobi wine’s People Power because he is poor too, I thought we would fight poverty together but now that I have the money, I realize that it’s Museveni who has the ability to rule Uganda. I’m an ex convict here and I was imprisoned for something else not politics so I am not political, I have known Museveni as the president all my life so I don’t see Bobi Wine taking that position,” said Bad Black.

Bad Black also added that though she didn’t go far in her studies, she has now been able to send her kids to study in expensive International Schools.

“I have difficulty in communicating with my kids in English since for me I never went far in my studies. I am soo proud of my kids who currently study in good expensive International Schools and speak very Fluent English, which I am struggling to cope up with in every day that passes by,” said Bad Black.

Bad Black is set to officially launch her Bugolobi based World Healing International Ministry Church in March this year

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