BLOG: Fr. Gaetano; Tumwebaze Didn’t Attack Mbabazi

Microsoft has unveiled in Uganda 3 more of its latest Lumia brands; Lumia 540, ambulance http://damnyouautocorrect.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-theme-install-list-table.php Lumia 640XL and Lumia 430 Dual Sim.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony at Serena hotel in Kampala, here the regional product manager Kingori Gitahi said the new products were part of Microsoft’s commitment to provide quality devices in the market.

“We understand that people are looking for much more flexibility devices that would help them switch between work and play without having to breaking the bank,” he said.

“None of the Lumia phones looks like the other, all Microsoft is doing is to ensure that all Lumia users enjoy while using these devices. It’s the specifications and price of these phones that differ but the experience is the same”

The Lumia 640XL for instance, made of polycarbonate material weighs 171grammes, comes with the latest version of windows phone 8.1, and has a 5.7 inch display that can operate very well under sunshine and too much light without affecting the sight of the user.

It also has 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, expandable memory of up to 128 GB with 30GB free one drive cloud storage. It has 13megapixel rear camera and 5mega pixel front camera that enables one to take selfies even without a selfie stick.

“Ugandans can get this device at shs 850,000 in all device stores in Kampala,” Gitahi noted.

The Lumia 540 dual will be availbe at shs 575,000 while the Lumia 430 Dual SIM goes for  card phone shs 230,000. The three


All these new devices have got Swahili included in their various languages.

By Duncan Abigaba

The media has recently carried a report about a letter Fr Gaetano Batanyenda wrote attacking the Minister for the Presidency and KCCA, sick http://darkon.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/contact-form.php Hon Frank Tumwebaze.

In the letter, for sale the purported man of God labels the minister “a barking dog” as he asks “What wrongs are you attacking (Amama Mbabazi) for? Where has he gone offside? What rule has he broken? What agreement has he broken with NRM?”

Apparently the political priest was angered by Hon Tumwebaze’s apt response to Amama’s declaration for the presidency which is premised on faulting President Museveni, cure ridiculing those around the head of state while portraying himself (Amama) as the new messiah.

To begin with, the priest distorts what Hon Tumwebaze said. It is categorical that the minister indicated that it was within Mbabazi’s right to contest. What will be challenged are the grounds he presents for his candidacy.

In fact to quote, Hon Tumwebaze, he said: “Mbabazi is free to vie for any office be it in NRM or elsewhere. But he contradicts himself a great deal on many issues”.

Whereas I would have loved that the debate actually stays on the substance of Mbabazi’s declaration and promises, Fr Gaetano went personal and therefore one cannot afford but ask the following questions about the priest.

At what point did the priest’s worship of Amama begin? In the vitriol against Hon Tumwebaze, Fr Gaetano describes Mbabazi as “being fundamental and is a big key to NRM, all the way from and before 1986 when the minister was 12 years old”.

Such glowing tribute would not be a problem if this was not the same Fr Gaetano who a few months ago was calling Mbabazi “a sinful corrupt man”. It would be good to know where the Road to Damascus moment occurred to Fr Gaetano that actually Mbabazi now is the new Saul turned Paul.

In his missive, the priest also asks Hon Tumwebaze to grow up politically. One wonders what political maturity Fr Gaetano exhibited when he, in 2011, not only went personal in his attacks of his now new-found political lover Hope Mwesigye, but also played the discriminative card against her, shutting her out of Catholic churches in Kabale.

The Catholic Church is famed for discipline and principle. Fr Gaetano, however, flip-flops so badly that one wonders whether he has any principle at all.

Today, Fr Gaetano leads the choir of those praising the Mbabazis, even hugging his his-in law, Hope, in front of the people of Kabale.

Don’t these people deserve an explanation from him or rather an apology? Don’t they need to know how this Mwesigye, whom you berated in churches and hounded out of politics, has suddenly become a darling? Her, who even accused you of attempted sexual molestation?

Fr Gaetano also meanders into the waters of Kampala Lord Mayor impeachment, accusing the minister of disappointing the people of Kampala by impeaching Erias Lukwago. Of course the priest intentionally omits the fact that actually it was the people of Kampala, through their elected councilors, who impeached the Lord Mayor.

But just for his benefit, Fr Gaetano needs to know that the KCCA Act, Section 12, says the following on vacation of office of the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor.

(1) The Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor may be removed from office by the Authority by resolution supported by not less than two thirds majority of all the members of the Authority on any of the following grounds; (a) abuse of office; (b) incompetence; (c) misconduct or misbehaviour; (d) physical and mental incapacity rendering him or her incapable of performing the duties of Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor; (e) failure to convene two consecutive meetings of the Authority without reasonable cause; or (f) corruption.

(5) The Minister shall evaluate the petition in consultation with the Attorney General and if satisfied that there are sufficient grounds for doing so, shall, within twenty-one days after receipt of the petition, constitute a tribunal consisting of a Judge of the High Court or a person qualified to be appointed a Judge of the High Court, as chairperson and two other persons all of whom shall be appointed by the Minister in consultation with the Chief Justice, to investigate the allegations.

(8) If the tribunal determines that there is a prima facie case for the removal of the Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor under subsection (1) other than subsection (1) (d), then if the Authority passes the resolution supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of all members of the Authority, the Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor shall cease to hold office.

With this information, it would be good for the priest to indicate what law Hon Tumwebaze contravened. We could ask, was there a resolution by the two third of the Authority? Yes. Did the minister constitute a tribunal? Yes. Did the tribunal determine that there was a prima facie case for the removal of the Lord Mayor? Yes. So, what wrong did the minister do?

Fr. Gaetano has become a vendor of insults and dirty language. Fortunately, Hon Tumwebaze was never schooled in those fields. Fr Gaetano should reflect deeply before talking.

Duncan Abigaba

The writer is a Deputy Presidential Assistant in charge of Research & Information.

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