Blessing in Disguise: Faded Musician Rocky Giant Receives Fat Offer to Reignite His Career

After the regrettable incident where Presidential Advisor Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman and his gang appeared in a video humiliating and assaulting once Hip Hop Star, Rocky Giant, a number of individuals came out to stand in solidarity with him as well as solicit various support schemes to revive his career.

Among these include music producers, radio presenters, song writers, music promoters and other key players in the music industry.

Nince Henry, one of the best song writers promised to offer Rocky Giant three songs free of charge, Producer Diggy Baur of Sabula Records promised to produce 2 audio songs free while Frank Jah, a video producer at Jahlive studios offered Rocky two music videos.

“I will drive him to the studios to record any day of his choice at no cost. His Lunch/Supper will also be sorted by me on that day,” Radio presenter Mbaziira Tonny pledged.

Others well wishers include Comedian Taata Sam who promised three video scripts at no cost, Lil Pazo promised to cater for his designs while Victor Kamenyo offered him one Million shillings to promote him.

If these offers are genuine, looks like Rocky is most about to make a comeback to the music industry which he had left due to a number of reasons including financial challenges.

He is remembered for his hot hip hop songs in the early 2000s like Bla Bla, Ngoma Nene among others.


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