Blankets & Wine Be Made Compulsory For Everyone-Say Partiers

This year’s first segment of the much-anticipated Blankets & Wine music festival that happened on Sunday 28 at the cricket oval Lugogo is indeed a day-out event to remember as it saw city partiers go awe.

Our reporter overheard revelers saying that the festival be made a must go, rather a compulsory event so that everyone gets to enjoy that one moment with family and friends away from home.

“Blankets and Wine should be made a compulsory event for everyone to attend, it is an event you can propose your loved one, make new friends and drinks…Ohhhhhh! They flow as if they are free of charge.

Partiers having fun

It is a very best experience that everyone deserves to enjoy,” said some of the fans.

The event that started as early as midday, saw revelers flocking in to the venue with different types of wines,snacks,blankets,mats and many more as they had fun all day and night long.

Talent Africa Boss Ali with his wife

There was already music soothing to their souls at that time that kept them in the party mood as they toasted and sipped wines, beers and many more with friends and family.

Ladies arriving at the event

Party people had already begun strolling through the gates at the Tusker Malt- sponsored event by 2pm with their picnic gear ready to set up camp for the 22nd edition of one of Kampala’s favorite festivals, eyeing yet another fun-filled day of mingling, food, drink and music. True to reputation, Blankets & Wine did not disappoint.

King Saha entertaining revelers

The event kicked off with performances from the fresh Nu Kampala acts category with 1Der Jr, songbirds Lamu and Martha Mukisa who showed off their vocals on stage and kept the crowd entertained during the first installment of the music festival.

A lady whispering to her loved one
The event attracted revelers from all walks of life
Revelers were seen engaging more in Formula 1 and Premiership games

As the day turned to dusk, the legendary boss of bass, Sammy Kasule, graced the stage and took everyone back in time with all-time favorites like Ekitobero and Shauri Yako among others as revelers were spotted swaying along in rhythm.

Later on, the stage was set for South African songstress Shekhinah who was the main act of the night alongside King Saha.

Shekhinah took over the stage, infusing the show with EDM, House and Afro music vibes that had fans stomping the ground in sync to her popular hit singles, Suited, Please Mr and Different, off her platinum album ‘Rose Gold.’

South Africa’s Shekinah performing

She kept telling the audience how she loves Uganda and the people for being extremely smart, lovely and welcoming.

“I love you Uganda soo much and the fashion, for sure your fashion is killing me; everyone is smart, I have never seen such smart people like you in the World. Thanks for coming.”

After the fans had got a full dose from Shekinah’s performance, it was then another happy moment as the long awaited singer King Saha showed up on stage to yet entertain the already excited audience.

Saha did justice to his hit songs Omulirwana, Biri Biri, on my way and Weasel &Radio’s Lwaki Onumya among others. He kept the audience entertained.

They really gave show-goers their money’s worth with memorable performances.

As late as 10pm, it was quite evident that no one wanted to end their night as they were caught up in the fun upbeat music mixes by deejays Fya Leboof, Crim and Kasbaby.

Speaking to journalists about the event, Cathy Twesigye, UBL Brand Manager, Premium Beers said that Tusker Malt as the Blanket & Wines sponsor wants its customers to enjoy real and unique experience.

“Tusker Malt is always looking to bring our consumers an all-round 100% real and unique experience, and it couldn’t get any more real than an upbeat South African experience for fans.

We can only guarantee more fun for the next Blankets & Wine edition come September,” said Ms. Twesigye.

Blankets and Wine, a picnic style musical festival, remains one of the most popular events on the local social calendar and is the place to be for Ugandans who enjoy Afro-based music.

A lady heads to where her group mates were seated

The event occurs three times a year in the months of April, September and December. It has continued to grow in popularity among Kampala fun-lovers with every show throughout the years.

It is now one of the most attended event in the history of music events in Kampala.




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