Bizonto Comedians Set to Be Released

Four comedians who were arrested last week for allegedly spreading sectarian messages are set to walk free again having spent the weekend in detention.

The four are Mbabaali Maliseeri aka Uncle Luyuugumo, Julius Sserwanja aka Kidomoole who is the group leader, Ssaabakaaki Peter aka Omuzinyuuzi and Gold Kimatono aka Opeto.

These were picked on Friday morning from their work station at Radio Simba in Bukoto.

They were accused of putting out a comedy skit in which they attempted to highlight nepotism in government.

Police said the four were promoting sectarianism.

Reports indicate however, that Police were directed by higher authorities to release the four unconditionally.

When contacted for confirmation, Charlese Twiine the CID spokesman said “we are hoping to have them released today.”

However, when pressed on the conditions for their release, Twiine declined to give details.


He also said he couldn’t confirm whether or not the matter would be pursued in courts of law.

This development comes a day after top comedian Patrick Salvador Idiringi reportedly met with President Yoweri Museveni over the same matter.

In a social media post, Savador shared a photo of him with the president with messages #FreeBizonto, #SayNotoPoliticsofIdentity.

Calls for the release of the four comedians continued to grow through the weekend.

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