Bishop Wants UPDF To Expand Foreign Missions

Rwanda has continued to express frustrations with the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and United Nations Mission in the country known as MONUSCO for falling short of fighting the genocidal FDLR militia in the restive eastern part of the country.

Foreign Minister Louis Mushikiwabo said, viagra “Anybody would hope that a UN mission should not be in a country forever. We want to see results.”

Mushikiwabo was Saturday speaking at a joint press conference with her Germany counterpart, web Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Rwandan minister said despite United Nations spending one billion dollars per annum on the stabilisation and peace enforcement body in DRC, “We have yet to see the results of MONUSCO.”

She emphasised that, MONUSCO “have a key role in the ending the terror of the FDLR genocide militia.”

The DRC, UN, SADC, ICGLR, EU and other stakeholders gave FDLR the deadline of January 2, 2015 to disarm or face military action.

However, UN pulled out of the mission, saying DRC had assigned commanding positions to high ranking army officers accused of human rights abuses in previous military confrontations with rebels in eastern Congo.

The move angered regional leaders, with sources saying, Rwanda and Uganda are looking at other available military options to stop the security threat posed by FDLR and ADF militant groups in Eastern Congo.


“The East African Standby Force is likely to play a key role in neautralising the FDLR should DRC refuse to take on the militant groups in Eastern Congo,” said a source on Saturday.

Mushikiwabo said Rwanda hopes “that those who have made pledges to remove the FDLR genocide militia from Eastern Congo will honour their commitments,” adding, “Military action against FDLR is very important to stop the genocide militia moving about and causing insecurity.”

She further said the removal of the FDLR threat would allow Rwanda to repatriate 70,000 Congolese refugees who fled the militia’s terror.

FDLR’s extremist ideology and radical leaders are blamed for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. When Paul Kagame’s RPF guerillas took power in 1994, the genocidaires fled to DRC where they attempted to ‘cleanse’ the region of all Tustis.

Thousands escaped to Rwanda for safety. Since then, FDLR have committed atrocities in DRC and also carried out bombings of the Rwandan territory.

The Germany Minister Steinmeier said the impediments to tackling FDLR must be resolved.

“The wounds of the genocide take time to heal, but Rwanda today is so far from that reality and I wish people to know this,” he stated, adding, “When I return home I will tell my fellow Germans about the efforts #Rwanda is making to boost business opportunities

He concurred that Rwanda is an anchor of stability in a region “facing significant security challenges” especially from FDLR.

“We need to make sure that people have a realistic view of Rwanda. People know far too little of this country. Germany looks forward to playing an increased role in supporting African institutions such as the African Union,” said Steinmeier.

The European Union said in a recent report that FDLR have been receiving military and medical supplies from regional actors not to mention an intensified recruitment exercise of combatants.

Bishop Joshua Lwere, drug the Overseer of the Born Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda, cost has asked the national armed forces UPDF to expand its foreign expeditions, describing this as a God-given assignment to the army.

Bishop Lwere was speaking at a Thanksgiving ceremony held by the UPDF at army headquarters in Mbuya on Saturday.

The controversial cleric described the current UPDF as a much more transformed, disciplined and very dissimilar from the country’s post-independence forces.

Commenting on the army’s foreign missions Lwere stated, “Fight on, do not listen to distracters, those who say that you should not go to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, this is an honor from God, we must be our neighbors keepers,” said bishop Lwere.

The UPDF is currently maintaining peacekeeping forces in neighboring South Sudan, Somalia, and the Central Africa Republic.

There’s also tales that an elite unit of the UPDF has been prepared for an expedition in West African Nigeria to counter the Islamist Boko Haram militants.

The various missions have often been criticized by observers as overstraining the national army.

Lwere added that nations that have been ravaged by war should be assisted and so the UPDF has a mandate to fight and help to keep peace both in Uganda and its neighbors.

“You have a mandate to fight those who attack those under attack, and we must be proud of our forces; even when we were in crisis, the UPDF protected us. Uganda has never called in any foreign force to assist them in any conflict,” said Lwere.

He added that those who try to stop what God has sanctioned are wrong, because this is a righteous war and that all those who propagate evil ought to be stopped.

In April last year, the bishop caused a stir when told the UPDF soldiers that God would punish them if they didn’t kill “perpetuators of evil”.

He said, “When you fight righteous war, God is with you. If you don’t kill those who perpetuate evil, God will kill you,” he said.

The message was described by fellow pastors as a “total rebellion against the teachings of Jesus Christ”


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