Bishop Kibuuka Withdraws Case against Catholic Lawyers, Hon Ssewungu

The High Court on Monday cleared a consent withdrawal of a matter in which Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka of Mamre Prayer Center Namugongo under Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) accused Catholic Lawyers and Kalungu Legislator Hon Gonzaga Ssewungu of undermining his faith.

In the consent withdrawal approved by High Court Judge Musa Ssekaana on October 26, 2020, the parties (Roman Catholic Church and Evangelical Orthodox Church) agreed that none of the members from the two sides will make insults or defamatory statements against the other.

“The Respondents and their agents and servants acting under them shall forth with cease vilification of the applicants’ faith,” reads part of the consent agreement.

In the same document, both parties went further and agreed not to make any hate speech against each other.

Kibuuka described this agreement as “a sign of maturity in civil law and serving our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“All we need to agree on is that we are all Catholics who need to respect each other because we worship the same God,” he said.

He added that no needs to attack or insult any group of people because of having divergent views.

Since 2016 when Kibuuka broke away from the Catholic Church, he has been at logger heads with some of the Catholic leaders resulting from their differences in views on how certain matters are or should be handled.



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