Bishop Kibuuka Condemns Corruption in Church

The Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) has condemned the acts of corruption among some religious leaders who misuse church funds for personal gains

Addressing press about the resolutions made by EOC Bishops from their first Auxiliary Synod of Africa, Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka the head of the EOC said corruption should be condemned at all levels regardless of who has taken it because it affects development

“As Bishops we have resolved to emphasize accountability and transparency in churches by keeping all believers up to date with the church’s income as well as expenditure,” he said.

Kibuuka advised all religious leaders to always maintain a righteous lifestyle as one of the ways of winning people to the Kingdom of God as well as their trust.

Meanwhile, Kibuuka announced that his Church is pushing a campaign of uplifting people’s standards of living through promotion of value addition on locally produced agricultural products

“We are already in negotiations with the Canadian Authorities to have Ugandan coffee imported there,” he said.

Rev. Jacob Palm from the Canadian Evangelical Orthodox Church confirmed the ongoing plans and pledged more support to African countries

He called upon all leaders of churches in Africa to not only look at finances as a challenge but to focus on winning more souls to the Kingdom of God


Bishop Telesphore Ntashimikiro from Burundi EOC advised fellow religious leaders to not only end at preaching the word of God to the flock but also to participate in uplifting their standards of living

The Auxilary synod, which kicked off on 3rd December and ended on 7th December 2019 attracted more than 20 Bishops from all over the world.

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