Bishop Accuses Pentecostal Churches of Discouraging Youths from Work

The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi Rt. Rev. Eng. George Bagamuhunda has decried what he called the proliferation false teachings by Pentecostal churches, encouraging people to spend most of the time praying instead of working.

Bishop Bagamuhunda said on the weekend that many youths in the diocese have been misled to spend most of their time praying to God rather than working.

“The youths no longer value work today,” he said. “They are being misguided in those churches that when they pray God they will get out of poverty; that that is how they will get rich.”

Bishop Bagamuhunda was on Saturday speaking at the confirmation of 51 people into the Anglican faith at All Saints Church in Kabale town.

He also strongly condemned rate at which true Christianity has been abandoned by people to resort to evil practices such as witchcraft, pornography, crime and drug abuse.

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