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BIRTH HORROR: ‘My Wife Nearly Bled to Death at Nsambya Hospital’

St. Francis Hospital, medicine Nsambya has been accused of negligence that has condemned the facility’s former patient, Hellen Kyomuhendo to total Kidney failure.

According to Kyomuhendo’s husband, Baldwins Karagaba, Kyomuhendo was admitted to Nsambya hospital on the night of April 27 for delivery where she was able to give birth normally.

Karagaba says after birth, the hospital’s midwives led them to a private room and left them unattended to for the rest of the night.

“When the midwives completed helping her to give birth, at about 1:30 am, they led us to one of their private rooms. During that night, no nurse or medical personnel visited her in the room till 5:30 am. Meanwhile, she was constantly losing blood,” he said.

“I kept on seeking help from the nurses and doctors as they sat in their work-room, but they kept on telling me the bloodletting she was experiencing was normal, and that she was going to be fine.”

Karagaba says “the nurses came in at about 5:30am when she [Kyomuhendo] was drenched in a pool of blood and the entire room she was in, was filled with blood on the floor.”

“They did some clean up, but that’s it. They told us we had to wait for the day doctors on duty who would come in at about 8:00am.”

The first doctor, Karagaba says, reported to work at around 9:15am and that at this time, Kyomuhendo’s situation was terrible although the hospital authorities had not done anything ‘major’.


He says the situation was saved by Kyomuhendo’s mother who came in at around 10:30am and advised the doctors to transfuse her daughter with blood.

“It’s at about 10:30 am when Hellen’s mother came in. She has some medical knowledge. She saw Hellen and immediately cried out to the medical personnel there to transfuse her with blood.”

“The doctors first dilly-dallied around, but eventually heeded to her cry. She had actually lost all her blood, the transfusion given was 7 liters, the maximum blood volume any human being can have in the body at one time.”

Karagaba said that when they tried to consult the administration about the incidences, they were told that “such unfortunate incidences occur every day, and they had nothing to do about it.”

The situation was attributed to Pre-eclampsia, a condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure, sometimes with fluid retention and proteinuria.

Kyomuhendo, according to Karagaba, stayed admitted at Nsambya Hospital for two weeks as the doctors tried to treat the condition.

Condition Escalates to Kidney Failure

After being discharged, they were asked to keep visiting the hospital as outpatients, which Karagaba says they honored although the high blood pressure condition came back after two weeks.

Karugaba says his wife had two successive episodes of high blood pressure and that she was admitted at International Hospital Kampala (IHK), and later Mulago Referral Hospital from where he was returned to IHK.

It was observed that most body organs had been damaged especially the kidney.

Currently, Karagaba says, Kyomuhendo is being supported by an artificial means of blood cleaning (dialysis) although doctors have advised that she has to get a kidney transplant.

Nsambya Hospital Responds

When contacted, the hospital administration acknowledged that Kyomuhendo delivered a baby on April 27, a delivery they say was well managed.

“Hellen delivered normally at around 1:30am. After delivery, she was normal and fit for admission into her room with a healthy baby. Her BP (Pressure) was normal at the time of admission,” Stella Ojinga, the hospital administrator told ChimpReports on phone.

She noted that cases of Pre-eclampsia are common during delivery and are not caused by the hospital “as alleged by Kyomuhendo’s husband.”

She differed from Karagaba’s claim that he sought attention from the medical personnel in the night who ignored him.

“Baldwins (Karugaba) reported the condition to the midwives at around 6:00am and they responded immediately, controlling the situation.”

She also said the doctor reported to work at 7:00am, contrary to Karagaba’s claims that he came in at 9:15am.

“By the time the doctor arrived, midwives had handled the situation. Hellen was not bleeding anymore and according to him (the doctor), the situation didn’t require any emergency,” she added.

Asked about any action taken after Karagaba reported the case to the administration, Ojinga said the hospital administration has never received any such complaint as stated by Karagaba.

“We got to learn about this from Karagaba’s Facebook post. He did not file any complaint.”

Seeks Shs 150 Million

Relatives who are in correspondences with Fortis Hospital India in preparation for a kidney transplant before end of December have since subjected themselves to the examination due process of identifying a possible donor.

The challenge however lies in the fact that the process is going to require a lot of money, which according to Karagaba is not currently available.

“As family, and family friends, we have spent lots of money, way over Shs 70 million in treating her up to this time. The Shs 150 million required is extremely a difficult huddle for us to surmount,” he said.

Karagaba has since called upon the general public to intervene and help him save his wife’s life by giving in any contribution to help him raise the money needed for the transplant.

People intending to give a contribution can contact Karagaba’s personal contacts, +256774509284 or +256754681764.

Contributions can also be made through mobile money on +256773916919 and +256701916919 (John Kihumuro/ Hellen’s Brother)

Bank deposits to Centenary Bank: Mapera Branch Account No. 3720102777.

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