Birigwa Promises Shs 100,000 Monthly Handout to Every Ugandan

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party national chairman Ambassador Waswa Birigwa has promised that if voted as Uganda’s next President in 2021, he will give a 100,000shilling monthly payment to every Ugandan to eradicate poverty.

Birigwa is facing party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi in the FDC primaries.

“When I become President, the first thing I will do is pass a legislation in Parliament which I will bring as President to make sure that every Ugandan is paid 100,000 shillings per month as a startup capital,” said Birigwa.

He noted that people especially in rural areas live miserable lives due to poverty.

Birigwa, the former ambassador to Japan also vowed to fight corruption saying that some people have stolen government funds and ended up relocating the poor from their land.

“No one is bothered to ask where someone gets the money to buy the entire village and relocate people,” Birigwa noted.

Asked however, about his motivation to run for presidency, Birigwa said he had to avail himself to show that FDC is not short of candidates.

“When Dr Besigye decided not to contest again, we as the cadres of the party had to show leadership, in that if Besigye is not standing, doesn’t the party have other people who can stand? That is why some of us said, let us avail ourselves and show our young people the direction for the betterment of our party and county at large,” said Birigwa.


Having served as Uganda’s ambassador to Japan, Ethiopia and other countries, Birigwa said he is the only one already in possession of the title, His Excellency.

“Over 15 as a Ugandan Ambassador, I have traveled. I was an ambassador to Ethiopia, I was Ambassador at African Union, Djibouti. I initiated the process of stabilizing Somalia negotiating with the war Lords. Museveni and I sat with Gadaffi (ousted Libyan leader). So, I tell Museveni that I don’t want to see him go through what his friend Gadaffi went through. I am endeavoring to ensure there is peace after he (Museveni) is gone,” he added.

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