Bird Flu Breaks Out in Entebbe, Masaka

The Minister of Agriculture, diagnosis Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Hon Vincent Ssempijja has Sunday morning confirmed reports of the break out of the deadly, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Bird flu) in the districts of Entebbe and Masaka.

The disease cases, according to Hon Ssempijja were first reported by the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) on January 2nd after mass deaths of wild birds seen by fishermen at Lutembe beach at the shores of Lake Victoria near Entebbe.

Other reports would later come in on January 13th indicating death of domesticated birds in Masaka District.

“After consultations with the Government Chemist and the Commissioner of Animal Health (CAH) in the Ministry, samples were taken from the dead birds and their stool all of which tested positive with Avian Influenza,” said Ssempijja.

Avian Influenza, is a viral infection affecting both humans and birds although the species that are so far affected are white winged black tern birds and domestic ducks and chicken.

Ssempijja said that a National Task Force made of both human and animal experts from government, agencies and NGO has been put in place adding that the condition is under control.

“There is a National Task Force (NTF) which is multi-disciplinary with human and animal experts that is usually called upon to handle outbreaks of diseases that affect both humans and animals. The NTF is anchored at OPM and is co-chaired by MAAIF and MOH,” he said.

“The NTF has experience and has competence to handle such outbreaks, and therefore the situation is under control.”


The minister advises the public to report any new cases of deaths of birds (both domestic and wild) and any human sicknesses to veterinary authority and health centres.

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