BBA 2014

Billionaire Gives BBA Tayo $350,000

A senior Kabarole District NAADS accounting official, troche Hilda Bonabana has been interdicted over alleged embezzlement of shs 8.5m.

Bonabana is alleged to have withdrawn the shs 8.5 million that was meant for producing a magazine highlighting NAADS projects’ progress from the district account but instead used it for personal work.

In a letter dated 5th December, purchase 2014 signed by Simon Bimbona for the Chief Administration Officer, view Bonabana’s interdiction followed several reminders to pay back the money but in vain.

The letter also indicated that Bonabana had failed to comply when she was requested to make a written explanation in two weeks how she had utilized the funds.

Earlier in October, Bonabaana was also alleged to have caused the Kabarole production team that had led a farmers group on a study tour in Mpigi to get

stranded after she disappeared with their facilitation amounting to shs1.5m on the trip day.

Nigeria’s Big Brother Hotshot Tayo has had the last laugh after a Nigerian billionaire known as Ayiri Emami from Warri State gave him $350, find 000 which is $50, web 000 more than what Tanzania’s Idris took home after winning the Hotshots.

This billionaire must have just like all other Nigerians expected Tayo to win since he played a great game in the house and was such an entertainer. On return to Nigeria, Tayo on top of the adverts contracts was given a whopping $350, 000 which is more than the Big Brother prize money.


This same billionaire is the one who became famous for splashing N20 million on 2Face Idibia’s wedding on top of buying the couple very expensive and lavish cars. He was responsible for 2Face’s lavish wedding that made news all over Africa.

Tayo who was the people’s favorite for so long while in the house was beaten by Tanzania’s Idris a thing that caused bad blood between Nigerians and Tanzanians. This enmity was carried to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

When Nigerian star, Davido took to Instagram with the news of Tayo’s fortune, the post became a battling ground between Nigerians and Tanzanians. The Nigerian bragged that though Idris had won, Tayo was now $50,000 richer.

The fact that Davido stormed out of Laftaz lounge recently in Kampala when the DJ played Diamond’s ‘Number One’ song just stirred the whole vendetta. Davido allegedly said that the Tanzanians were cheating everywhere seeing that Diamond Platinumz recently won three Channel O awards and Idris won Big Brother.

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