Bill Gates Pledges Funding for Ugandan Scientists, Innovators

The World’s richest man and Microsoft founder, doctor Bill Gates, treat has extolled the works of Ugandan scientists and innovators, promising continued financial support for their projects.

This was during a recent meeting with the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Ellioda Tumwesigye.

The Minister on Thursday revealed that the Ugandan delegation met with senior program officers for Financial Services for the Poor, Agriculture Development, Nutrition, Family Planning, and Healthcare at the Foundation.

The Foundation supports projects in Uganda worth more than US$ 40m.

Tumwesigye held a special meeting with Gates at the headquarters of Global Good/Intellectual Ventures, an Institution supported by the Gates Foundation.

In the meeting the Minister expressed Uganda’s appreciation for the Gates Foundation’s support to Uganda especially in health research, agricultural research, nutrition, family planning and financial inclusion.

He also appreciated Gates Foundation’s Global programs targeting the low income countries including Uganda to improve immunization, health diagnostics, contraceptive technology as well as HIV, Malaria and TB control.

Dr. Ellioda further thanked Gates for supporting the Grand Challenges exploration and also for appreciating Uganda’s Scientists and Innovators while giving a Nelson Mandera Memorial lecture recently at the University of Pretoria.


The Minister highlighted the importance of “nurturing youth talent in science, technology and innovation, as well as promoting technologies and innovations that help smallholder farmers increase their agricultural productivity, and access to markets for their produce.”

On his part, Gates praised the “ingenuity of Ugandan scientists and young innovators, especially in areas of ICT, crop breeding and nutritional enhancement.”

Gates said when he learnt of the threat to food security posed by the Banana Bacterial Wilt disease in Uganda; he funded the Ugandan Scientists to develop the disease resistant banana variety.

He pledged “continued support to Uganda’s researchers and innovators as well as the country’s health programs. “

Ellioda said Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) is the cornerstone for human development and economic progress.

“We believe that by investing more in STI, we can achieve for Ugandans better health, adequate and more nutritious food, more jobs and higher household income, better climate adaptation as well as overall social and economic transformation,” said the minister.

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