Bika Football Opener Postponed

The 2017 Bika football tournament which was set to officially start on July 8 in Nakisunga Kyaggwe has been postponed to a later date.

The decision was reached because the initial date for the opening fixture between Ngeye and Mbogo collides with the burial of late Ssebaana Kizito.

Ssebaana was the chairman of the Bika football committee since the tournament was reinstated about 30 years ago.

The decission to postpone the matches was agreed on by the Tournament’s organising committee together with various managers and other representatives of clans in a meeting held on Tuesday July 4 in Bulange, Mengo.

Nakyanzi ‘Musawo Getu’ Gertrude, the marketing manager of the tournament called on the team managers of all the participating clans to respect the changes in the dates.

He further asked for unity in order to give the late chairman a deserved and respectful burial.

The team managers and all the members on the comittee will wear T-shirts to commemorate Ssebaana as a way of giving him a “perfect” send-off.

Youth, Sports and Recreation Minister of Buganda, Hon. Henry Kiberu Ssekabembe, also among the guests at the meeting agreed with the decision.


“It’s a pity for the loss of our dear chairman and friend,” he said.

“When the Kabaka appointed me to this office, Ssebaana was among the first few people I talked with in a closed session to direct me on how I should run my office,” he added.

Ssekabembe define Ssebaana as a special Chairman who was calm, dedicated, courageois and committed to the tournament.

“His company SWICO has been the number one sponsor of this tournament. He even went further to give us an office,” Ssekabembe remarked.

The committee and team managers requested the minister to reschedule only the opening fixture that the Kabaka of Buganda is meant to grace.

Past winners of the Bika tournament from inception:

1987: Ngabi Nsamba

1988: Lugave

1989: Mmamba Gabunga

1990: Lugave

1991: Ngeye

1992: Ngeye

1993: Nkima

1994: Mmamba Gabunga

1995: Lugave

1996: Mpindi

1997: Nnyonyi Nyange

1998: Lugave

1999: Lugave

2000: Mpologoma

2001: Ngo

2002: Mpologoma

2003: Mmamba Gabunga

2004: Lugave

2005: Ffumbe

2006: Mpindi

2007: Ngabi Nsamba and Mpindi

2008: Kkobe

2009: Ffumbe

2010: Nte

2011: Mmamba Gabunga

2012: Ngeye

2013: Ngabi Nsamba

2014: Mmamba Gabunga

2015: Mbogo

2016: Nte

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