Big Trill Explains Why He is Leaving X FM

Following a day of military siege at his city home in Naguru, viagra dosage http://danielborda.net/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/tiled-gallery.php former coordinator of intelligence organs Gen. David Sejusa has been arrested and whisked away to an unknown destination.

On Friday, look the army surrounded the UPDF General’s home and could not allow anyone access the house in what was termed as a confinement by the government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo.

However on Saturday afternoon, more about Gen. Elly Tumwine arrived at the home of the former spymaster before entering the house and later a convoy including military police vehicles and Tumwine’s Toyota Land Cruiser drove off at a terrific speed.

According to one Sejusa’s aides who followed them up to Kibuye, a Kampala suburb, the renegade General was seated in Tumwine’s vehicle and the convoy of 5 drove towards Entebbe .

It however remains unclear where the renegade general has been whisked to.

While appearing on one of the talk shows on Saturday, President Museveni said that Sejusa would be handled but stressed that not everything done will involve the media.

“We shall handle him. Not everything can be said in the papers. Just be patient, we shall deal with him,” Museveni said while appearing on the Capital Gang on Saturday afternoon.

Earlier, Sejusa’s lawyers including Mike Mabikke and David Mushabe told journalists that it was an abuse of the General’s rights to keep him under what they termed as house arrest adding that he had been denied access to his lawyers.


“We don’t know under what circumstances they (military) are here but it not right for someone who has served his country for the last 34 years and end up treated this way,”said Mushabe on Saturday morning.

Gen, Sejusa returned last month from London where he had been in exile for over a year  after fleeing the country in 2013 after doctoring a document in which he alleged that all army officers who were against what he termed as ‘Muhoozi project’ would be terminated.

While addressing journalists at his city home in Naguru, the former spymaster said he was aware of plans to arrest him but stressed that he is not moved by anything.

“I have been in exile for 2 years and in fact life there can be compared to a prison. If they decide to arrest me, I have no problem with it but I won’t cut any political deals with any one from government,”Sejusa said on Thursday.

“Someone who commanded war at 24 and overrun battalions, rose through the ranks to where I am now, I am not here for jokes and as long as I have shown my side, I am not afraid of anything and I won’t run away.”



Baboon Forest rapper, side effects http://chios.ro/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/validation.php Big Trill has intimated to ChimpLyf the reason why he is leaving Vision Group owned X FM radio.

Big Trill has been presenting The request show program since the rebranding of the station but recently, buy http://cooperatition.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-terms-list-table.php it was disclosed that he was leaving the station after over 3 years there.

Big Trill noted that he was leaving in order to concentrate on music as he works on his upcoming album, approvedTrilliology’. 

“I realized that I was cheating my music career by serving two masters at a go. But that does not mean that I will not return to radio. I want to first work on this album with all my energy and then see what comes next,” Big Trill told our reporter.

Big Trill also rubbished media reports that he had been fired because the ratings of the program had gone down. The reports had also claimed that the move had been made so that he paves way for motor mouthed Mary Luswata to present the show.

“Ha-ha that is so inaccurate. I was not fired. I only chose to leave. I cannot go crazy about what the media say because I know most media houses just imagine information. Of course not you guys. I have not seen a fabricated story on your website,” he said.

When ChimpLyf met Trizzy, he was in studio working on one of the songs on his album.

Big Trill in studio with Producer TheWeezy
Big Trill in studio with Producer TheWeezy
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