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BIG STORY: Burundi Deploys Forces Near Rwanda Border After Dawn Attack

Burundi has reinforced military deployments at its border with Rwanda following an armed attack in the wee hours of Monday.

A military spokesperson told the Burundi national broadcaster that an army outpost was struck by militants at around 2:00am in Mabayi, Chibitoke.

The attacked area is about 160 kilometres from Burundi’s capital, Gitega.

“On the night of November 17 into the morning of November 18, we were attacked by armed forces at 2:00am at Chibitoke,” said Major Emanuel Gahongano.

“Our army repulsed them, killing 22 of them and the rest retreated into Rwanda,” he added.

The attack came just a day after Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza said the armed forces were prepared to defend Burundi.

“Whoever dares fighting Burundi will receive a very good reception,” warned Nkurunziza at the Heroes’ Day celebrations in Bujumbura this past Saturday.

“Do you remember those who attempted to destabilize us,” he said in reference to a recent rebel attack in Bubanza province that saw dozens of fighters killed by government troops.


ChimpReports has now established that Burundian troops were on Monday night and Tuesday dispatched to the border with Burundi to secure the area from attacks.

Burundi has previously accused Rwanda of trying to destabilize the reign of President Nkurunziza by financing a coup against him and training dissidents.

Kigali has dismissed these claims as diversionary. In Bujumbura, Rwanda is considered more or less an enemy state.

By Tuesday evening, the Burundian army was still reinforcing its positions in Chibitoke to secure the civilians.

Maj Gahongano did not say if Burundian troops were killed or injured in the Chibitoke attack.

Burundi, which is preparing for general elections in 2020, has previously warned of resistance against what it calls foreign interference in its domestic issues.

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