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Singer Big Eye’s Car Torched

Local musician, doctor help Ibrahim Mayanja better known as Big Eye is in grief after his car was burnt to ashes in his compound parking as he slept Sunday night at his home in Makindye.

Big Eye took to Facebook to tell his fans about his burnt car. He also shared pictures of the burnt car with the caption, “Anyone who did this, God is watching you. How could you burn my car, what did I do to you. My car has been burnt last night in my home car parking. I really don’t know why.”

The intentions of the arsonists are still not clear but police is carrying out investigations as to who might have vandalized Big Eye’s car. Police officers are also combing through the surrounding areas to get clues about the whereabouts of the suspects.

The ‘Physically Fit’ star on Saturday 18th October performed at Bobi Wine’s ‘Size Yo’ concert at One Love Beach, Busabala where he got into a fight with DJ Isaac and DJ Tony. He is said to have left peacefully with just his bouncers.

His fans advised him to take heart and just thank God that they spared his life. Others told him to let police do their work in catching the arsonists that did the merciless act.

The car was burnt from just outside the singer's residence
The car was burnt from just outside the singer’s residence
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