Big Companies Planning to Block Workers from Voting Warned

Ugandan companies, mostly factories which employ dozens of workers have been cautioned against blocking their employees from participating in the oncoming Presidential and parliamentary elections.

The elections are slated for Thursday January 14th this week, which has been designated as a public holiday.

But according officials, some big companies have issued directives and notices to their employees to show up for work on January 14th without fail.

Kampala Deputy Resident City Commissioners led by the Nakawa DRCC Anderson Burora this morning threatened legal action against such companies.

“We have learnt that some of these big companies which employ 100 workers and more, of which over three thirds are eligible voters, have sent out memos demanding that the employees show up for work on election day,” Borora told press in Kampala.

“You all know that Article 59(1) of the constitution allows every Ugandan of voting age to participate in the change of leadership of their country, while Article 50 mandates the state to ensure this right is protected.”

“We therefore ask these companies to let their workers who have registered to vote to participate in the election.”

Burora says the deputy RCCs have since constituted a team that will be sent out to different factories and companies to ensure that they don’t block their workers from voting


“We are prepared to drag all of them to courts of law if they try to stifle their workers’ right to vote.

Burora also revealed that a hot line number 0703 47 93 83 has been put in place to report such companies.


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