Beti Kamya Denies Sneaking out Kibuule’s Gun from Parliament

The Minister for Kampala Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has denied claims that she aided the Minister of State for water Ronald Kibule to sneak out a gun which he had entered with in the parliamentary chamber illegally.

Kibule last week was accused by of entering the Parliamentary chambers on Tuesday last week which caused mayhem in the house between him and other pro-age limit legislators.

Opposition whip Semujju Nganda reported to the speaker that minister had pointed the fire arm at him and threatened to kill him.

On being patted down, the minister was found with no weapon. Kadaga ordered parliament security to search all MPs in the house, but no gun was found.

The opposition MPs claimed in a scuffle that ensued, someone had snuck the out of the chambers.

Government owned New Vision reported days later reported that it was Kampala Minister Beti Kamya who helped Kibuule – who is also Mukono North MP — to smuggle out the gun.

Kamya today told parliament that she did not see the gun with Minister Ronald Kibule and her bag was not used to take out the alleged gun.

“For the New Vision to just irresponsibly write something as if it was the truth and even quote a source in Parliament which told them that this was captured on the CCTV camera, I think it is extremely irresponsible,” Kamya said.

The Minister called upon Parliament to bring the newspaper that published false news against her to order.

“I pray that this house through you calls the New Vision to order and remind them that their mandate is to give Ugandans correct, researched news not to join the fray of sensational journalism of which they are fighting for now.”

She also asked the newspaper to retract the story and apologize to her.

The Speaker ruled that she will give direction to the issues raised at a later time.

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