Best Casino Destinations in Uganda

Gambling has always been a popular sport among people. There are many casino games to choose from, while the most popular remain poker, blackjack, and roulette. 

The introduction to online casino gaming has been an instant hit in the online gaming world. The games are very entertaining and are similar to land-based casino games in many ways. Most of the games are easy to play and have straightforward rules to follow. Online casino games make online gambling possible in the comfort of your own home. The games don’t fall short of offering extra cash prizes that are awarded to players when they win the game.

Unfortunately, gambling in Uganda hasn’t found its place among the local community. There aren’t many land-based casinos in the country either. The majority of the casinos are located in the capital city, Kampala. However, gambling enthusiasts can’t expect Las-Vegas gambling here. The nightlife in Kampala doesn’t fall short of offering a great nightlife experience with numerous nightclubs and restaurants in the city.  While there isn’t a big choice when it comes to gambling in Uganda, here are some of the best casinos in the country.

Online Gambling

The first choice is obviously playing online casino games. They are widely available on the internet and will surely provide you with an enjoyable gambling experience in the comfort of your own home. The games are very easy to gain access to. Players only need to open the game from a browser or download the app from the app store on the smartphone device. If you don’t show interest in traveling, online casino games are definitely the choice number one.

Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino

Located nearly 15 minutes walking distance from Garden City, it’s a hotel mainly popular because of the casino. The casino ambient is very appropriate for a hotel setting, having a somewhat homemade feeling to it when you enter the casino. There is a variety of casino games to be found here, the most popular are poker, blackjack, roulette, pontoon, as well as Texas Hold’em, and many other variations of the games. Good casino destination for all gambling enthusiasts looking for an exciting gambling location.

Pyramids Casino


The inspiration for this casino comes from the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Themed casinos are definitely an attraction in the gambling world. It’s a classy gambling destination with a load of gambling opportunities. Every popular table game, or the standard poker tournaments, can be found in Pyramids Casino. There is a huge terrace where players can take some fresh air, as well as a restaurant where players can have a drink or try some of the local dishes. Rumors have it that the best dining in South Africa is served in this casino restaurant.

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