Besigye Visits Battered WBS Journalist

Having launched his memoir in Kampala at the close of last week, page former Makerere University Vice Chancellor and proprietor of the new Uganda Technology and Management University [UTAMU] Prof Venansius Baryamureeba is making final touches on yet another book on Ugandan politics.

The seasoned Computer scientist told Chimpreports that various political players and academics were reviewing his new book titled The Ideal Uganda: My Perspectives; which will soon be unveiled at a broad platform.

In the book, rx Prof Barya, as he’s causally referred to, questions the Uganda’s present-day government system that places excessive powers and control in a single office of the President.

A copy of Barya's new book soon to be unveiled
A copy of Barya’s new book soon to be unveiled

He exhibits pessimism about a smooth political transition, under the current government of President Yoweri Museveni and doubts the population’s ability to find a suitable replacement for the country’s longest serving president.

“At this stage, we should be moving away from the situation of someone having to tell us that so and so is going to be our next president,” he said.

The solution to all this, the professor believes is in introducing a federal government, borrowing a leaf from countries like the USA.

He illustrated to our reporter: “In the US for example, they have states. States are headed by governors. Within each state, there are senator representatives. When you succeed as a senator or as a governor in a state, the main US political parties start looking at you as the next president.”

“Indeed they pick from those who have been tested to contest for the big office. If you look at all American presidents, 99% of them are either former senators or governors.”


Uganda’s local government structures, Prof Barya argues are too small and poorly facilitated to produce a national president.

“In Uganda when you look at our structures, the districts are too small. You cannot talk of an LC5 Chairperson that can rise up to become a president. You look at the caliber of our MPs and the constituencies they represent.”

“Ministers themselves are not accounting officers. If a minister was an executive head of a ministry, but also having accounting powers, then we could pick from some the most successful ones to become the next president. Our Vice President only deputizes the president. You feel he should have more duties.”

Prof Barya suggests dividing the nation into about five regions, headed by governors, whom he believes will be better placed and equipped to take up the top executive office.

He remarked, “Federo will help us move faster. Federalism is not about Buganda. It’s about distribution of powers between the center and regional governments. That’s why I introduced colleges at Makerere University. Under this system, if one school or two are not well functioning, they will deal with their problems internally without affecting the whole university.”

Agitators of federalism in Uganda argue that the system would help foster national development at a faster pace when regional governments are allowed to manage their own resources.

Critics however, hold that federalism would disintegrate the national government and create divisionism.

Meanwhile Baryamureeba’s book also tackles a range of other issues like education, health infrastructure, good governance, science and technology, corruption and separation of powers.
Former Forum for Democratic Change President Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye has called upon all Ugandan journalists to remain nonpartisan and hardworking if they are to fully play their part in liberating and developing their country.

Besigye was today Wednesday visiting the WBS TV journalist Andrew Lwanga’s at his home in Kansanga, more about who was recently hospitalized with severe injuries he sustained in an assault by a police officer Jorum Mwesigye.

Besigye hands Andrew a parcel of money to support hi s recuperation
Besigye hands Andrew a parcel of money to support hi s recuperation

Col Besigye advised reporters to always stand by the truth, order even when they are tortured and battered by the people in power.

“My visit to Andrew is an expression of togetherness to him; I would like to salute all professional journalists for the hard things they have to go through in the course of executing their duties, doctor ” he said.

Andrew still uses clutches
Andrew still uses clutches

Besigye advised Andrew and other journalists to continue championing the cause for liberating the suffering and oppressed people, but bearing in mind that such will always come at a cost.

The former FDC boss carried along with him a basket of fruits and an undisclosed amount of money to the journalist who is currently recuperating at his parents’ home.

Andrew appreciated the support which various people have shown him in this challenging moment when he has been bedridden.


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