Besigye to Police: You Can’t Keep Me at Home Forever

Forum for Democratic Change and opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye has scoffed at police for vowing to keep him at bay because of security reasons.

Addressing a news conference at his home in Kasangati on Thursday, approved Besigye said it was illegal for police to keep denying him the right to movement and detain him at his own home .

The furious Besigye said  there is no way his home can become a prison for police to keep detaining him adding that he will continue challenging court to see the law and enforcement officers vacate his Kasangati home.

“You can’t make my home a place of detention and keep doing it with impunity. If you say I have committed a crime, arrest me and then I am produced in courts of law,” Besigye told journalists.

“They should do like they did after elections when they pounced on me up to Karamoja but in violation of my rights. Why detain someone who was a candidate in the presidential election and stop him from proceeding to court?”

He said he can no longer receive visitors stressing that the entire village has been put on tenterhooks by police who have always deployed heavily in a bid to stop him from moving out.

The opposition strongman said that he has always been a law abiding citizen who even before travelling abroad sought the consent of legal institutions before he could continue with is trip though he was not mandated to do so.

Besigye however said no one can stop him from leaving his home at his own will stressing that he can at any time go about his business.


“This is a private property they are violating. I will not allow to be confined in my home. Not even the police will ever stop me from leaving whenever I wish,” he vowed.

Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi said as a precautionary measure, they will always keep Besigye at his home as well as keep monitoring him so as to avoid causing chaos in the city.

“Whenever we get information of planned unrest we act. We’re also are using a containment approach which is keeping close watch on all his movements and activities,” he said.”

Following, the February 18 elections, police detained Besigye at his Kasangati home for fear of causing ‘violence’ in the city but were astonished on seeing him in the city centre before arresting and detaining him in Moroto.

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