Besigye ‘Sympathizes’ With Kayihura as Muntu Warns Against Excitement

Opposition figure Col Dr Kizza Besigye said he was “praying and sympathizing” with jailed former Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura.

Kayihura is detained at the CMI head offices in Mbuya and is expected to be interrogated over many cases related to insecurity.

The former president’s military assistant recently saw most of his former blue-eyed boys including Cyber Crimes boss Richard Ndaboine and Siraje Bakaleke being detained by the military.

Speaking in light of the shocking news of the arrest, Col Besigye, who arguably suffered the most under Kayihura’s 12 year tenure from 2005; being arrested and detained on innumerable occasions, often brutally; said Kayihura sealed his own fate by allowing to be used by the regime.

“When you allow to be a tool and prove to be a good one, you’ll be used most, wear out fast, have no more use and be disposed of,” Besigye tweeted Thursday.

“It’s the choices we make! My sympathy and prayers for Gen KK and more so, his family.

Former FDC President Gen Mugisha Muntu however, warned against too much excitement over the news of Kayihura, reminding mostly opposition figures not to forget the ultimate goal of seizing power.

“Our goal is to remove the dictatorship and build a better country for our people, not to gloat or be spectators,” he said.


“The reasons for which we fight remain. Let us not be distracted by counting scores!”

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