Besigye Pessimistic After Release from Luzira

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has said he is not certain he will be able to enjoy the freedom granted to by the Kampala High Court on Tuesday morning.

Speaking shortly after being granted bail, prescription the opposition strongman said he was happy to be out of prison but said there is no guarantee that he will be free forever.

“I thank God I am free now but for how long will this freedom prevail is only a matter of time, ” Besigye told journalists at High Court on Tuesday morning.

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After release, the opposition bigwig made a procession escorted by police and military to his home in Kasangati where he addressed his supporters who were waiting on him.

“I assure you that this is a fight to take back our country and we cannot turn back. The imprisonment and other problems we are going through are only increasing our resolve to continue with the struggle to take back what belongs to us,” he told supporters at his home.

He said Uganda is for everyone to enjoy and that none can be intimidated in their efforts to reclaim what is due to them. He thus vowed start from where he ended.

Release From Court


Earlier, the opposition strongman had been granted a non cash bond of Shs 100 million and each of his 4 sureties asked to pay shs100million non cash bond.

Besigye addresses supporters on his way home
Besigye addresses supporters on his way home

In his ruling, High Court Judge Wilson Musene Masalu said was satisfied with the arguments presented   by Besigye’s lawyers in reference to his bail application.

“I have read carefully the affidavits by both sides and concluded that bail is meant to show to court that one person will appear in court in case demanded and he is ready to honor the terms. It is a presumption of law that one is innocent until proven guilty and if denied bail, he would be deprived of his personal liberty,” Justice Musene said.

“It is meant to release him from physical presence in prison but actually he is still bound by the law.”

The judge said he was satisfied by the argument on advanced age as presented by the opposition strongman’s lawyers insisting that the state ought to challenge it through cross examination in court.

In their counter argument on Monday, the state prosecutor Florence Akello had told the judge that Besigye ought to present his birth certificate to prove he was 6o years.

The judge said the argument of good past record by the former FDC leader in relation to bail was satisfactory adding that documents presented to him had clearly indicated he had reported to court after being released on bail 39 times in the past.

The prisons van leaves High Court without Besigye
The prisons van leaves High Court without Besigye

On being a big political figure who could interfere with investigations, the judge said this ought to be supported by evidence from investigators themselves but not mere allegations by the state.

“Court cannot deny him right to liberty on mere allegations that have not been proved by the state,” Musene said.

He said the sureties presented were credible that court could easily rely on in case the accused behaves centrally to the conditions.

On the submission by the state that Besigye could not be given bail for violating a court order that had banned the defiance campaign, the Justice Musene said the matter is still in the Constitutional court and he was not at liberty to discuss it.

Police and military trailing Besigye back to his home in Kasangati
Police and military trailing Besigye back to his home in Kasangati

“Uganda is for us all and we request for forgiveness by all people. We call upon the accused to live freely and also practice a violent free environment,” the judge warned.

“I am inclined to grant bail to him. He is supposed to pay non cash bond Shs100 million and each of the 4 sureties shs 100 million noncash.”

Besigye was in May arrested, detained and charged for treason when he issued a video recording in which he sworn in himself as the president of Uganda.



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