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Besigye: Museveni Deserves an Oscar Award for Political Acting

Opposition ironman Dr Kizza Besigye has blasted President Museveni for living a luxurious life despite branding himself as a prominent critic of ostentatious lifestyle during the NRA bush war struggle.

Besigye said Museveni tactfully misled people to believe he was opposed to luxury despite being a fan of the same.

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“He would persuade you that he is something he is totally the opposite of. That’s what he did for the most part…that he did not believe in opulence and wastage of money. He would be using a plastic mug to take his tea.”

Addressing a congregation in Netherlands, Besigye said Museveni after taking power used the cheapest things and criticised people who loved extravagance.

“When he first took over government, he said ‘why should we should import furniture from Europe when people here are making furniture,”’ said Besigye, adding, Museveni has been importing “the most expensive furniture for the last 30 years.”

The former FDC leader added: “He (Museveni) was saying ‘our people make good furniture in Kalerwe; let’s buy furniture from there’. But he has never slept on a bed made from Uganda.”’

Besigye was Museveni’s physician during the guerilla war that ushered the NRA/M into power in 1986.


The two enjoyed good relations until the late 1990s when Besigye broke ranks with the system.

He would later attract the wrath and condemnation from the government, with some describing him as an impatient traitor.

Besigye’s contest for power in 2001 was seen by political observers as the biggest political threat to Museveni and his establishment.

Large crowds graced Besigye’s rallies and millions turned up at polling stations to elect him as their leader.

But Besigye has repeatedly suffered defeat in several contested presidential elections.

ChimpReports understands Besigye’s trip to Netherlands is seen as a concerted effort to rally the Diaspora to throw its weight behind him in his quest for power despite losing elections to President Museveni.

While Besigye claims the electoral process is skewed with the Electoral Commission rigging in favour of the incumbent, his political party’s grassroot structures remain weak and poorly facilitated to overwhelm the deep-pocketed ruling party.

The internal wrangles, power struggles and suspicion within FDC ranks also continue to undermine the institution’s cohesion needed to defeat NRM.


In Netherlands, Besigye insisted Uganda continues to grapple with the question of citizens’ competence to actively engage and influence political processes.

“Unless the competencies of our people change, we should not expect the quality of our leadership to change,” said Besigye.

He underscored the need to empower citizens to become “effective citizens to control their country,” adding, potential leaders including him should not be judged on their speeches and actions but the social contract between the voter and the leader.

“I should not give anybody the impression to support me that I have better qualities than Museveni. I would like you to support me because of the agenda we agree to do, well knowing that if I don’t do it, it will be well within your powers to get rid of me as soon as possible.”

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