Besigye Mourns “Mayombo-Like” Kaweesi: Calls for Foreign Investigation

Opposition FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye has asked government to seek external assistance in the quest to investigate and bring to justice the killers of Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Dr Besigye told NBS Tv on Friday afternoon that there was no harm in bringing in foreign investigators to help the local officials.

“I want to call on those who are charged with our security today, nurse to do everything in their power to investigate this particular crime, clinic but also to not shy away from inviting external assistance, price ” he said.

“Independent inquiry is not a hostile inquiry. We need this external expertise, which is not tainted.”

Besigye suggested that local investigators are not only less equipped and skilled but also cannot be entirely trusted.

“When you are looking at these security people dealing with this, you don’t know whether or not the person investigating is the criminal.

“You need to get people who are not tainted, or involved in these mafia engagements.”

Besigye added that this wouldn’t be the first time, recalling that the British Scotland Yard was invited to investigate the murder for Dr Andrew Lutaakome Kayiira.


Kayiira, a former Energy Minister was gunned down in March 1987, shortly after he was released from jail on Treason charges.

Meanwhile, while Besigye was not on the best of terms with Mr Kaweesi as the duo used to cross paths during police clampdowns on Besigye’s activities, the former Presidential candidate described the deceased as a “humane person who was entangled in mafia regime.”

“He was intelligent,” Besigye said. “There are many people who are in security that I cannot say as much for. He was bright and smart and he could analyze and quickly understand situations.”

“He had feelings, and was empathetic. You could see that he was affected, even though he was carrying out a job; you could see that he was affected by unjust situations.

He added, “Inside him apart from what he was entangled in, he had a humane side. He was Noble Mayombo. Mayombo was a brilliant young man and good hearted, but was trapped in a mafia organizations which consumed him.”

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