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Besigye, Kasujja Clash in Historic Presidential Debate

President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated Amb. Lt. Gen. Augostino S.K. Njoroge (Rtd), medical http://cmlsociety.org/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/classes/em-event-posts-admin.php MGH, side effects http://chancellorinsja.com/wp-includes/class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php CBS as Vice Chairperson to the Joint Monitory and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), http://cerlalc.org/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/content-product_cat.php on the implementation of the South Sudanese Peace Agreement.

According to communiqué from State House Spokesperson, Manoah Esipisu, Amb. Lt. Gen. Njoroge will be the Vice Chairperson to former President of Botswana, His Excellency Festus Mogae, the JMEC Chairperson.

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission was established by the agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.

The JMEC has been tasked with monitoring and overseeing the implementation of South Sudan’s Compromise Peace Agreement, including the mandate and tasks of the Transitional Government of National Unity, and the adherence of the parties to the agreed timelines and implementation schedule.

The Republic of Kenya was requested by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to fill the post of the Vice Chair of JMEC.

The JMEC office was launched in Juba on November 18, thus marking the beginning of the actual implementation of the peace process.
Fireworks went off at Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday night as the presidential debate’s co-moderator Alan Kasujja interrogated FDC presidential candidate and strongman, capsule http://clark-illustration.com/wp-includes/ms-files.php Dr Kizza Besigye’s inconsistencies, thumb Chimp Corps report.

“I am pleasantly surprised you are here. You had said if Museveni had not shown up you would not be here. This suggests this is as about you and Museveni,” Kasujja blasted Besigye as the presidential candidate struggled to contain composure.

“You are making your entire campaign about Museveni. Is this right or wrong?” the BCC anchor further queried.


The questions were strong enough to throw an unstable candidate off balance.

However, Besigye responded in a calm tone: “Far from right.” The response drew a thunderous applause from the excited audience.

He was keen on avoiding a direct confrontation with the moderator.

Losing his temper would have triggered a pattern of mistakes with disastrous consequences especially at a critical time when voters are making up their mind ahead of the February national elections.

Besigye said it was important that people “especially not familiar with Uganda” understand that the institutional framework of Uganda has been all transformed into the person of the president.

“You can’t talk about politics and state of Uganda without talking about Museveni – over the last 30 years,” said Besigye.

He said Museveni had made himself the state just like fallen Congolese tyrant Mobutu Sese Seko.

“In every respect he is the state and has been for last 30 years. If you want to interrogate on moving from this position, we need a debate about transition,” added Besigye to justify his insistence that president Museveni should have attended the debate.


Kasujja seemed to have prepared some impressive intellectual ambushes for Besigye, giving the debate a jolt of excitement.

He interrogated Besigye on his continuous standing as FDC’s candidate in several presidential elections, arguing, “Some people will say that what you trying to do here – what Museveni is doing in NRM is not different from FDC. You have been standing as candidate for FDC for last 15 years without debunking Mr Museveni. Why not give opportunity to other people to try?”

Besigye has been asked the same question several times and did not have to scratch his head for an answer.

He said Kasujja has “been out in London for long, may be,” adding, “I am not a sole candidate of FDC like Mr Museveni has been.”

Kasujja fired back: “You are on record, this you denied but it’s a fact – specifically that you will not run. What are you doing here as a candidate?”

The crowd cheered on while FDC activists slammed Kasujja on Facebook for being overly aggressive.

Besigye said he has a right to change his mind.

“I hope you are not suggesting if I am not going to run in certain circumstances, I should not be free to change your mind…” he observed.

The FDC honcho muffled Kasujja’s attempts to interject, adding: “Changing my mind on the debate – let me clear this. I met with Justice Ogoola yesterday – in Mbale – and he confirmed to me that to the best of his knowledge Mr. Museveni would be here. And justice Ogoola is here.”

Perhaps to show that even the organisers of the debate were either untruthful or inconsistent, Besigye opened up his heart: “I came here expecting that indeed Mr. Museveni would be here. I am truly disappointed that he is not here because unlike me Mr Museveni is our servant. We pay him. He has been our leader of this country for 30 years. He has the responsibility, it is not just courtesy, to be here and account to the country.”

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