Besigye Joins Anti-Trump Protest in New York

As the world yesterday marked the International Women’s Day, pharm former Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye joined hundreds of women in New York City in a demonstration dubbed ‘A Day Without a Woman

The demonstrators, visit who targeted the new administration of President Donald Trump, gathered on Fifth Avenue in the shadow of Trump Tower where they brandished placards and chanted slogans.

Another rally followed in Washington Square Park and many other major cities in the Unites States. About 1million women across the country are believed to have taken part in the rallies.

According to local media, Equal pay and the right to contraception and abortion were among the major issues addressed at the rally.

“Tell Trump, you must hear our call. We need equality for all,” one group of woman sang in unison next to the Grand Arch under a brilliant blue sky.

Dr Besigye, donning red which was the color of choice of the demonstrators, posted on his twitter that it was ‘time to end injustice everywhere.”

The demo also involved women skipping work and refusing to spend money, in a bid to show their economic strength and impact on society as part of International Women’s Day celebrations across the globe.

About 10people, mainly organizers of the demonstrations were arrested in New York by police.

The demo was described as the first major action by organizers of the Women’s March since the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, when millions of women poured into the streets in protest of misogyny, inequality and oppression.

Spokeswoman Cassady Findlay said organizers for “A Day Without a Woman” were inspired by the recent “Day Without an Immigrant” protests held last month.

She said the action is aimed at highlighting the effect of women on the country’s socio-economic system and would demonstrate how the paid and unpaid work of women keeps households, communities and economies running.

“We provide all this value and keep the system going, and receive unequal benefits from it,” Findlay said.

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