Besigye Hails ‘Fruitful’ UK, US Tour

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate and opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye has described as fruitful, order the recent tour he had in the European countries and the United States.

Besigye returned on Monday after being put of the country for over a month but received an unusual welcome from the police who arrested and whisked him off the Kenyan Airlines plane as it landed at Entebbe airport before being dropped home.

Addressing journalists at his home in Kasangati, Wakiso district, Besigye said he was able to meet various groups of people including Ugandans and officials from foreign governments and discussed issues concerning the country.

“I briefed them (Ugandans) about the rigged elections and that I was detained unconstitutionally after the February elections. I however thanked them for the demonstrations as many Ugandans (abroad) protested against the stolen election,” Besigye told the news conference.

“It was not my plan to go for UNAA but since it unites all Ugandans abroad, I decided to attend. My trip to the US and UK was successful.”

The opposition strongman said that in all engagements, he described Uganda as a wonderful place to live in stressing that the only problem is lack of clear government institutions.

According to the former FDC president, he told the Ugandans abroad that the only reason why some countries develop and others stagnate is lack of transparent government institutions, which according to him is the same disease Uganda is suffering from.

“If you have good institutions, the country fails and if they are good, you succeed. If you don’t have transparent and inclusive but coercive institutions, the country will fail. Uganda is a wonderful country but being ran wrongly.”


Foreign Governments

Besigye said he met a number of representatives of foreign governments whom he said he was able to convince that the problem of injustice in Uganda would escalate into a security problem in the region and continent at large.

Citing Somalia under leadership of  Siyyad Bale, Besigye said the injustice perpetuated  during Bale’s reign led to the problems affecting the country now including the Al Shabaab terrorists who are a menace to the entire region.

“Where you have injustice, you will have conflicts. I told them there is need to change systems so that power serves people equitably where we have leaders ad servants and not as masters. As long as there is injustice, there will be instability,”Besigye told journalists.

Way Out

Besigye says he urged for a dialogue between President Museveni and the opposition figures in the country to see how to move the country to a new system that would accommodate everyone.

He said there is still a protracted struggle but said there needs to be talks not between himself and President Museveni but with all stakeholders.

“If we engage, we can move to a new system that will make everybody thrive. There is need for a new constitution, building of institutions that serve people plus free and fair elections in the country. If we achieve that, then my role is politics will end,” Besigye said.

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