Besigye: Foreign Forces Behind Opposition to Topple Museveni

Opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye has revealed that forces in the international community are behind Uganda’s opposition to remove President Museveni from power, ambulance Chimp Corps report.

“You don’t have reason to fear anything. The international community is in full support of our cause, mind ” said Besigye as he addressed a mammoth gathering in Mbarara Town on Saturday.

Besigye said several foreign powers were dismayed by “what transpired in the February elections” thus throwing their weight behind the opposition in the quest for change of the statusquo.

The former FDC Presidential candidate has previously hinted on receiving support from western states in his presidential bid.

Government officials have as well openly criticized western diplomatic missions in Kampala for going beyond the boundaries of their diplomatic work to rally support for opposition figures especially Dr Besigye.

The FDC ironman’s presence in Mbarara attracted huge crowds. Besigye’s convoy snaked through Mbarara Town to Kakyeka stadium despite heavy police deployment.

DPC Mbarara Jaffar Magyezi records Besigye's convoy with a smartphone
DPC Mbarara Jaffar Magyezi records Besigye’s convoy with a smartphone

However, Besigye’s entourage was blocked from accessing the stadium by armored police cars.

FDC officials had earlier announced that the celebrations for Besigye’s return from prison would be held at Kakyeka stadium, only to be cordoned off by police.


Besigye’s supporters chose to flock the neighboring Ntare School grounds where jubilations took place.

Besigye said that opposition won elections only to be rigged out of the race by the ruling party.

“Authority cannot be enforced by use of a gun; even now arrests don’t work,” he said.

Beisgye being welcomed by a mammoth crowd in Mbarara Town
Beisgye being welcomed by a mammoth crowd in Mbarara Town

“They had warned me never to go beyond Kasangati but now I am in Mbarara. We are having rallies and processions which they had banned; we will win by defiance not compliance, “charged Besigye amid an ovation and cheers from the audience.

“Once I talk of defiance they usually tell me that it’s a case; now let me commit 10 cases so that I may be tried in international courts,’’ he added.

Besigye had just returned from prison where he spent months o treason charges.

Besigye appealed to police officers to join what he describes as a “struggle for change.”

“I know many of our police officers are in supportive of change but the problem is a small number of top police officials who are not doing the police work but politics,” he noted.

Police maintained heavy deployment during the procession
Police maintained heavy deployment during the procession

“Police today allowed us move around freely. Did they see any officer being stoned or witnessed any looting they had always speculated about?”he wondered.

Besigye was accompanied by MPs Mubarak Munyagwa, Roland Kaginda, Francis Mwijukye; Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago among other opposition figures.

An old woman helps Besigye cut a cake during the celebrations
An old woman helps Besigye cut a cake during the celebrations
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