Besigye Disagrees with FDC on Joint Candidate, Speaks Out On Muhoozi Candidature

Former FDC President Col Dr Kizza Besigye has cautioned his party against abandoning the process of seeking opposition unity in the coming 2021 general elections.

Dr Besigye warned Tuesday morning that FDC, which is biggest opposition party in the country, must not be discouraged by previous failures at fronting a joint candidate to take on President Yoweri Museveni.

Besigye’s warning followed a stern admission by the FDC spokesperson Hon Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, of how the party had lost interest in uniting with other opposition parties.

Nganda told press on Monday that Uganda’s opposition parties were not prepared to unite.

“If all the opposition wanted to unite, the first qualification is to register one political platform. This happened in Kenya,” Nganda said.

“But what is happening in Uganda, someone forms a party called ANT and comes asking FDC, ‘why aren’t you working with us’”?

Nganda added, “I don’t want to give a false promise that were are now discussing and that there will be unity. We have completely different political parties; let everybody be contended with where they are.”

Dr Besigye however, while appearing on NTV this morning, said while FDC’s frustration is understandable, it is wrong to pull out of the process of unity, which he said is “absolutely critical” in the fight to dislodge the current regime.


“The task of bringing these (political) formations together is not an entirely easy one. Nganda is right, it is a nightmare,” he said.

“What Nganda is saying is advised by where we have passed through. But what should not be missed is the critical importance of coming together. Nobody should lose any opportunity at working ourselves flat out to unite. It is absolutely critical in the struggle.”

Besigye added that opposition unity was one of the reasons he stepped down from FDC leadership, in order to interact freely with other political parties.

“I told them we need to organize beyond FDC. Being a party leader restricted me to function within the party boundaries and to advocate the interest of just one political party.”


Meanwhile, during the show, Dr Besigye said he was aware that Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba was preparing to join politics to replace his father as President of Uganda.

Dr Besigye said he had no problem with Muhoozi seeking election, as long as Ugandans chose to change the political system, which he said continues to dominate citizens with guns.

“The confusion that persists is thinking that we are seeking to replace Museveni without changing the system and ending gun rule,” Besigye said.

“Museveni can also run under his bus…I know his son is already warming up, he will come, he is already a general. But it is not about the individuals; we must simply subordinate the guns, to make guns our servants not our masters.”


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