Besigye Decries ‘Light Punishments’ for Officers Who Beat His Supporters

FDC’s former presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye is unhappy with what he calls ‘light punishments’ handed down yesterday to eight police officers who were involved in beating his supporters during a procession last year.

Although Besigye says he forgave the individuals, more about he expressed last night his disappointment in the sentences read out by a police court to the officers, illness who were convicted on unnecessary use of authority.

“Very clearly, sales these are extremely light punishments considering the pain, injuries (physical & mental) and torture they inflicted on innocent Ugandans that pay and maintain them, believing that they’ll protect them,” said Besigye last night.

“Beyond the direct suffering inflicted on their victims, the whole country was cast in terrible light by the actions of these “police officers and men”. No reasonable person that saw the horrific images in the media can get on an airplane and come to Uganda as a tourist or investor.”

The former candidate also recollected how, following the Public outcry and strong condemnation of the officers’ actions, the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura came out in defense of his men, who he said were simply doing their job.

“In their wisdom, and I really want to applaud them, they prevented that rowdy crowd from entering Entebbe road and blocking it,” Kayihura told journalists on July 13 last year.

The officers who were yesterday found guilty and punished include SSP Andrew Kagwa who was demoted to SP; SP Moses Nanok who was demoted to ASP and ASP Patrick Muhumuza who was demoted to IP.

Police Constables Dan Muhangi, Sula Kato, Willy Kalyango, Robert Wanjala and Moses Agaba were fined a third of their one month salary, while Dan Tandeka, a crime preventer who had no rank was dismissed from doing any police work for the next 20 years.


Although Besigye says he forgave all the officers and their commanders, he says, “That’s not to say that they’re absolved of responsibility for their actions and of knowing that it’s only lawful orders that should be enforced.”

“Whether these convicted policemen serve their light punishments or not, the message is very clear. Those who deploy them to terrorize and harm our people will soon not be in position to protect them from the consequences of their actions.”

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