Besigye Decries Current Injustice, Insecurity; Set to Hold Convention to Find Remedies

Former presidential candidate Col Dr Kiiza Besigye accompanied by his “People’s Government” cabinet on Thursday expressed concerns over what he called growing insecurity, injustice and human rights abuse in the country, and called upon Ugandans to respond to the situation.

Though it is the obligation of the State to defend citizens and their property and also ensure freedom of citizens from torture, cruel, inhuman treatment as enshrined under Article 44 of the constitution, Besigye said Uganda is on the brink of becoming a failed state posting one of the worst human rights records in the world.

“Rule of law, constitutionalism, social justice and respect for human dignity have ceased being treasured values at the altar of consolidating a personal rule,” he said

Besigye also said the root of the escalating insecurity and related abuses of human rights are accompanied by injustice, mismanagement of security institutions and Uganda’s involvement in the affairs of foreign wars such as Somalia and South Sudan among others.

He named some of the injustices as land grabbing and eviction of people, unfair taxes and seizure of property, untenable cost of healthcare and education, food insecurity, joblessness, human trafficking and slavery, among others.

“Injustice and insecurity go hand in hand. Injustice is everywhere. Even the owners of land are forcefully evicted. Look at people in Lusanja. We have high taxes and must be paid, we have millions of young people who are jobless”

The four-time presidential contender further expressed concern over the persistent killings in the country such as the murder of women in Wakiso and Entebbe, shooting of high profile personalities and the most recent the killing of a social worker Maria Nagirinya and her driver Robert Kitayimbwa whose bodies were discovered in Mukono.

Besigye also noted that the International community should stop praising Uganda for hosting the biggest number of refugees, since according to him, wars in the refugee countries are fuelled by Uganda.


Owing to these concerns, Dr Besigye announced that he and his People’s Government will soon organize a national convention and called upon all concerned citizens to be present and take part to find remedies to these challenges.

He however didn’t tell the date and where the convention will take place.


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