Besigye, Bobi Wine Call for Gov’t Cash Hand Outs to Struggling Ugandans, Audit into Covid19 Response

The People Power Movement and the People’s Government have Monday issued a joint statement calling on Government to review and improve its handling of the Civid19 pandemic in the country.

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine and Dr Kizza Besigye) who head both fronts accused government in the joint statement, of mismanaging the crisis, and maltreating of citizens in the process.

The two principals noted that while government passed trillions shillings in supplementary budget, this money has not trickled down the ordinary person.

The result, they said, has been increased suffering of millions of Ugandans who were put out of work due to the Covid19 shut down, crippling limitation on transport as well brutalization of citizens by security forces.

As such, Besigye and Bobi Wine in the statement read by their lawyers Asuman Basalirwa and Erias Lukwago to the press, suggested a number of interventions that they say need to be taken to get the country back on its feet.

Among others, they want government to expand the distribution of relief food to all struggling Ugandans.

“Over 8 million Ugandans lived in abject poverty before COVID19. Today, the situation has worsened. The regime has enough resources at its disposal to ensure that citizens in all districts who are poor and vulnerable receive food relief from government,” The groups said in the statement.

“The food relief should be sufficient in terms of quantities and good in terms of quality. We estimate that every individual should get at least half a kilogram of posho and beans per day. The children who risk being further malnourished should be given nutritious food.”


Government initially earmarked Shs 59 billion to provide relief food to 1.4 million people in Wakiso and Kampala. The distribution exercise however was criticized for being too slow and ineffective.

President Yoweri Museveni in his recent national address on Covid19 promised that food distribution would continue even for another round in areas where it has already been distributed.

The president however, discouraged Ugandans residing in rural areas where food is plentiful, from pressurizing government to give them food.

On the other hand, Besigye and Bobi Wine want government to consider the alternative to providing cash handouts to struggling Ugandans.

This, they say, is already being done in other countries such as Kenya.

They also want an independent organ to be part of designing the mode of delivery of these funds so as to reduce corruption and other ills.

“We propose that each vulnerable family receives a minimum of 100,000/= per week,” they said.

The two camps have also called for an audit to be conducted in the manner in which different government entities have handled the Covid19 crisis.

The called for an independent institution to be instituted to “guide the country into recovering from the damage cause by the COVID19 pandemic and the attendant mismanagement by the regime.”

“The institution (by whatever name it may be called) must be representative in the sense that all stakeholders should be represented. These stakeholders may include concerned government agencies, religious institutions, traditional institutions, political formations across the divide, representatives of citizens working in the informal sector, the business community, etc. The first assignment of the body must be to do a comprehensive audit of the regime’s response to the COVID19 pandemic and ensure that there is accountability. The body must be autonomous and non-partisan in the proper sense of the word.”

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