Besigye Beats Tight Security,  Addresses Rally in Teso

By: John Ogulei

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye on Saturday beat the heavy Police deployment and sneaked to Teso sub region where he addressed supporters.

Besigye, who was barred by the police not to appear in the area managed to reach Koloin Primary School in Kapir Sub County where he held his own Women Day’s Celebrations.

Early in the morning the Police Director of Operations Asuman Mugenyi while addressing media in Koloin Primary school playground said that they (Police) had blocked Besigye from entering to the region.

He added that they had already mounted operations in all routes entering to Teso; but nonetheless, cure Besigye showed up hours later.

He started his day by joining the family of the late Charles Willy Ekemu and his father Mzee Philip Ekemu who were all laid to rest on the same day, weeks ago.

He made a contribution of Shs 1 million before laying wreaths on the graves.

Besigye was accompanied by MPs Mubarak Munyagwa Amuriat Oboi and former Ngora Woman Mp contestant Apolot Stella Isodo.


In his address, the FDC strongman stated that, he “wouldn’t stop fighting the regime that has led to the death and suffering of innocent civilians.”

“The regime in power knows that I am the only man who can bring them down. People of Ngora you need not to fear anybody,” he said.

Besigye told the rally that decided to come using a different vehicle, knowing that police was waiting for him all over the place.

“From Mbale all the way to Kumi, it was all police,” he said, wondering whether the force is able to deal with serious crimes if it cannot contain him.

“The regime has failed; that’s why they follow the shadow of a passing civilian. The police too are terrified. I am told Afande Mugenyi was here and sent you away. Where is he now? When he comes back tell him the people’s president was here.”

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